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Multiloop amplitudes of light-cone gauge NSR string field theory in noncritical dimensions

Feynman amplitudes of light-cone gauge superstring field theory are ill-defined because of various divergences. In a previous paper, one of the authors showed that taking the worldsheet theory to be the one in a linear dilaton background Φ = −iQX 1 with Feynman iε (ε > 0) and Q 2 > 10 yields finite amplitudes. In this paper, we apply this worldsheet theory to dimensional...

Worldsheet theory of light-cone gauge noncritical strings on higher genus Riemann surfaces

It is possible to formulate light-cone gauge string field theory in noncritical dimensions. Such a theory corresponds to conformal gauge worldsheet theory with nonstandard longitudinal part. We study the longitudinal part of the worldsheet theory on higher genus Riemann surfaces. The results in this paper shall be used to study the dimensional regularization of light-cone gauge...

Comments on Takahashi-Tanimoto’s scalar solution

We study the identity-based solution of Witten’s cubic bosonic open string field theory constructed by Takahashi and Tanimoto, which is claimed to describe the tachyon vacuum. We argue that the observables of the solution coincide with those of the tachyon vacuum using the method proposed by Kishimoto and Takahashi. We also discuss how to treat the kinetic term of the string...

Loops versus Matrices: — The Nonperturbative Aspects of Noncritical String —

Masanori Hanada ) Masashi Hayakawa ) Nobuyuki Ishibashi ) Hikaru Kawai ) Tsunehide Kuroki ) Yoshinori Matsuo Tsukasa Tada The nonperturbative aspects of string theory are explored for non-critical