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Consumer physical activity tracking device ownership and use among a population-based sample of adults

Macridis, Steven Johnson, Jeff K. Vallance. Formal analysis: Jeff K. Vallance. Funding acquisition: Jeff K. Vallance. Project administration: Soultana Macridis, Nora Johnston. Resources: Soultana ... Macridis, Nora Johnston. Supervision: Jeff K. Vallance. Writing ± original draft: Soultana Macridis, Jeff K. Vallance. Writing ± review & editing: Soultana Macridis, Nora Johnston, Steven Johnson, Jeff K

The effectiveness of workplace interventions to increase physical activity and decrease sedentary behaviour in adults: protocol for a systematic review

Background A physically active lifestyle plays a preventative role in the development of various chronic diseases and mental health conditions. Unfortunately, few adults achieve the minimum amount of physical activity and spend excessive time sitting. Developing targeted interventions to increase active living among adults is an important endeavour for public health. One...