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Continuation techniques for analysis of whole aeroengine dynamics with imperfect bifurcations and isolated solutions

The analysis of whole engine rotordynamic models is an important element in the design of aerojet engines. The models include gyroscopic effects and allow for rubbing contact between rotor and stator components such as bladed discs and casing. Due to the nonlinearities inherent to the system, bifurcations in the frequency response may arise. Reliable and efficient methods to...

Torelli Theorem for the Deligne–Hitchin Moduli Space

Fix integers g ≥ 3 and r ≥ 2, with r ≥ 3 if g = 3. Given a compact connected Riemann surface X of genus g, let \({\mathcal{M}_{{\rm DH}}(X)}\) denote the corresponding \({\text{SL}(r, {\mathbb{C}})}\) Deligne–Hitchin moduli space. We prove that the complex analytic space \({\mathcal{M}_{{\rm DH}}(X)}\) determines (up to an isomorphism) the unordered pair \({\{X, \overline{X...