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A new equation and exact solutions describing focal fields in media with modular nonlinearity

Brand-new equations which can be regarded as modifications of Khokhlov–Zabolotskaya–Kuznetsov or Ostrovsky–Vakhnenko equations are suggested. These equations are quite general in that they describe the nonlinear wave dynamics in media with modular nonlinearity. Such media exist among composites, meta-materials, inhomogeneous and multiphase systems. These new models are interesting ...

The quadratically cubic Burgers equation: an exactly solvable nonlinear model for shocks, pulses and periodic waves

A modified equation of Burgers type with a quadratically cubic (QC) nonlinear term was recently pointed out as a new exactly solvable model of mathematical physics. However, its derivation, analytical solution, computer modeling, as well as its physical applications and analysis of corresponding nonlinear wave phenomena have not been published up to now. The physical meaning and ...