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Tradition and Perspectives of Arab Herbal Medicine: A Review

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), including herbal medicine, are popular in the general population worldwide. Parallel to the increasing interest in ‘modern’ CAM therapies and the historical importance of Arab medicine, there is also a similar trend in research activities dealing with the efficacy and safety of medicinal plants in our region. Historical and current...

Performance evaluation of WSN management system for QoS guarantee

As the wireless sensor networks (WSNs) continue to evolve, it becomes more and more important. Furthermore, no one can deny that quality of services (QoS) is still one of the most important areas in this domain. In this paper, a system for guaranteeing WSN QoS is proposed. The idea of this system is to use the previous individual solutions such as clustering, data prioritization...

Scaling of wireless sensor network intrusion detection probability: 3D sensors, 3D intruders, and 3D environments

In this paper, a new model that deploys heterogeneous sensors in 3D wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is proposed. The model handles the two sensing scenarios, single sensing and multiple sensing. The probabilities of intrusion detection in a 3D environment with sensors distributed using Gaussian, uniform, beta, and chi-square are compared. The resultant probabilities values help...