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Asymptotic structure of \( \mathcal{N}=2 \) supergravity in 3D: extended super-BMS3 and nonlinear energy bounds

HJE Asymptotic structure of N Oscar Fuentealba Javier Matulich Ricardo Troncoso Centro de Estudios Cient´ıficos (CECs) Av. Arturo Prat Valdivia Chile The asymptotically flat structure of N = (2

On conserved charges and thermodynamics of the AdS4 dyonic black hole

We consider four-dimensional gravity in the presence of a dilatonic scalar field and an Abelian gauge field. This theory corresponds to the bosonic sector of a Kaluza-Klein reduction of eleven-dimensional supergravity which induces a specific self-interacting potential for the scalar field. We compute the conserved charges and carry out the thermodynamics of an anti-de Sitter...

Asymptotically flat structure of hypergravity in three spacetime dimensions

The asymptotic structure of three-dimensional hypergravity without cosmological constant is analyzed. In the case of gravity minimally coupled to a spin-5/2 field, a consistent set of boundary conditions is proposed, being wide enough so as to accommodate a generic choice of chemical potentials associated to the global charges. The algebra of the canonical generators of the...

Extension of the Poincaré group with half-integer spin generators: hypergravity and beyond

An extension of the Poincaré group with half-integer spin generators is explicitly constructed. We start discussing the case of three spacetime dimensions, and as an application, it is shown that hypergravity can be formulated so as to incorporate this structure as its local gauge symmetry. Since the algebra admits a nontrivial Casimir operator, the theory can be described in...