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Introgressive Hybridization in Potato Revealed by Novel Cytogenetic and Genomic Technologies

Potato is the third most important food crop in the world and is crucial to ensure food security. However, increasing biotic and abiotic stresses jeopardize its stable production. Fortunately, breeders count on a rich pool of wild relatives that provide sources for disease resistance and tolerance to environmental stresses. To use such traits effectively, breeders require tools...

Pairing analysis and in situ Hybridisation reveal autopolyploid-like behaviour in Solanum commersonii × S. tuberosum (potato) interspecific hybrids

Wild potato relatives are rich sources of desirable traits for introgressive hybridisation into cultivated potato. One of them, Solanum commersonii (2n = 2x = 24, 1EBN, endosperm balance number), is an important species belonging to the potato tertiary genepool. It can be used in potato breeding through bridge crosses and 2n gamete production. Triploid F1 hybrids between S...