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Integrated American-European protocol for safety interventions on existing two-lane rural roads

Ranieri 0 0 Technical University of Bari , 4 via Orabona, 70125 Bari , Italy 1 Paolo Intini Purpose The main purpose was to integrate two strategies for road safety analyses (qualitative: audits

“Lantern-Shaped” Platinum(III) Complexes with Axially Bound 9-Ethylguanine or 1-Methylcytosine (L) of General Formula

The synthesis, NMR characterization, and X-ray crystallography of “lantern-shaped” platinum(III) complexes with four pivaloamidate bridging ligands and two 9-ethylguanines (9-EtG) or 1-methylcytosines (1-MeC) in axial positions are reported: cis-N2O2-[Pt2{HN=C()O}4(9-EtG)2](NO3)2 and cis-N2O2-[Pt2{HN=C()O}4(1-MeC)2](NO3)2. The last complex is, to the best of our knowledge, the...