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Flavour anomalies after the R K ∗ measurement

The LHCb measurement of the μ/e ratio R K ∗ indicates a deficit with respect to the Standard Model prediction, supporting earlier hints of lepton universality violation observed in the R K ratio. We show that the R K and R K ∗ ratios alone constrain the chiralities of the states contributing to these anomalies, and we find deviations from the Standard Model at the 4σ level. This...

You can hide but you have to run: direct detection with vector mediators

We study direct detection in simplified models of Dark Matter (DM) in which interactions with Standard Model (SM) fermions are mediated by a heavy vector boson. We consider fully general, gauge-invariant couplings between the SM, the mediator and both scalar and fermion DM. We account for the evolution of the couplings between the energy scale of the mediator mass and the nuclear...

A 750 GeV portal: LHC phenomenology and dark matter candidates

We study the effective field theory obtained by extending the Standard Model field content with two singlets: a 750 GeV (pseudo-)scalar and a stable fermion. Accounting for collider productions initiated by both gluon and photon fusion, we investigate where the theory is consistent with both the LHC diphoton excess and bounds from Run 1. We analyze dark matter phenomenology in...