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A deconvolutional Bayesian mixing model approach for river basin sediment source apportionment

Systems, Sustainable Agriculture Sciences, Rothamsted Research, North Wyke, Okehampton, UK William H. Blake and Pascal Boeckx contributed equally. AffiliationsSchool of Geography, Earth and Environmental ... Scholar Search for Pascal Boeckx in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Brian C. Stock in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Hugh G. Smith in:Nature

Short-term carbon input increases microbial nitrogen demand, but not microbial nitrogen mining, in a set of boreal forest soils

Rising carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations and temperatures are expected to stimulate plant productivity and ecosystem C sequestration, but these effects require a concurrent increase in N availability for plants. Plants might indirectly promote N availability as they release organic C into the soil (e.g., by root exudation) that can increase microbial soil organic matter (SOM...

Landscape-scale assessments of stable carbon isotopes in soil under diverse vegetation classes in East Africa: application of near-infrared spectroscopy

Aims Stable carbon isotopes are important tracers used to understand ecological food web processes and vegetation shifts over time. However, gaps exist in understanding soil and plant processes that influence δ13C values, particularly across smallholder farming systems in sub-Saharan Africa. This study aimed to develop predictive models for δ13C values in soil using near infrared...

Correction: Aboveground vs. Belowground Carbon Stocks in African Tropical Lowland Rainforest: Drivers and Implications

Janvier Lisingo Geert Baert Hans Verbeeck Pascal Boeckx In multiple instances, the unit g kg-1 appears incorrectly. The correct unit in these instances should be mg kg-1. Please see the corrected text and

Aboveground vs. Belowground Carbon Stocks in African Tropical Lowland Rainforest: Drivers and Implications

Background African tropical rainforests are one of the most important hotspots to look for changes in the upcoming decades when it comes to C storage and release. The focus of studying C dynamics in these systems lies traditionally on living aboveground biomass. Belowground soil organic carbon stocks have received little attention and estimates of the size, controls and...

Stratified Community Responses to Methane and Sulfate Supplies in Mud Volcano Deposits: Insights from an In Vitro Experiment

Numerous studies on marine prokaryotic communities have postulated that a process of anaerobic oxidation of methane (AOM) coupled with sulfate reduction (SR) is the main methane sink in the world's oceans. AOM has also been reported in the deep biosphere. But the responses of the primary microbial players in eliciting changes in geochemical environments, specifically in methane...

Above-ground biomass and structure of 260 African tropical forests

We report above-ground biomass (AGB), basal area, stem density and wood mass density estimates from 260 sample plots (mean size: 1.2 ha) in intact closed-canopy tropical forests across 12 African countries. Mean AGB is 395.7 Mg dry mass ha−1 (95% CI: 14.3), substantially higher than Amazonian values, with the Congo Basin and contiguous forest region attaining AGB values (429 Mg...