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Reassessing The Trade–Development Nexus In International Economic Law: The Paradigm Shift In Asia-Pacific Regionalism

Asia-Pacific R egionalism , 37 Nw. J. Int'l L. & Bus. 321, 2017 - Copyright 2017 by Pasha L. Hsieh Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business Printed in the U.S.A. Vol. 37, No. 3 Reassessing

The Discipline of International Law in Republican China and Contemporary Taiwan

Andrew Serdy, Bringing Taiwan into the International Fisheries Fold: The Legal Personality of a Fishing Entity, 75:1 BRITISH YB INT’L L. 183, 183–221 (2004); Pasha L. Hsieh, Facing China: Taiwan’s Status

An Unrecognized State in Foreign and International Courts: The Case of the Republic of China on Taiwan

This Article provides a comparative analysis of the status of the Republic of China on Taiwan in foreign and international settings. Most existing literature written from the traditional public international law perspective focuses on Taiwan's separate statehood from China. This Article addresses an important pragmatic issue that international courts and courts in foreign countries ...