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Sexual Torture as a Crime Under International Criminal and Humanitarian Law

Criminal and Humanitarian Law Sexual Torture as a Crime Under International Patricia Viseur Sellers 0 0 The C UNY Law Review is published by the Office of Library Services at the City University of ... , otherwise known as the law of armed conflict. It is important to recognize that other bodies of international law, parallel to human rights law, continuously develop and inter* Patricia Viseur Sellers was the

Sexual Violence and Peremptory Norms: The Legal Value of Rape

Western Reserve Journal of International Law Sexual Violence and Peremptor y Norms: The Leg Value of R ape al Patricia Viseur Sellers 0 1 0 Thi s Speech is brought to you for free and open access by ... . 21 , 2003 ). See also, AFRICA LEGAL AID, CAIRO-ARUSHA PRINCIPLES ON UNIVERSAL JURISDICTION IN RESPECT OF GROSS HUMAN RIGHTS OFFENCES: AN AFRICAN PERSPECTIVE ( 2002 ). 6 Patricia Viseur Sellers

The Contribution of the Ad Hoc Tribunals to International Humanitarian Law

.................................................... 1523 PRESENTATION BY PATRICIA VISEUR-SELLERS PANEL INTRODUCTION MODERATOR, ROBERT K. GOLDMAN PROFESSOR OF LAW, WASHINGTON COLLEGE OF LAW Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to start this afternoon's ... knew how to write rules of engagement. Also to my right is Patricia Viseur-Sellers, the Legal Advisor for Gender-Related Crimes of the Office of the Prosecutor for both Tribunals. To my left is Payam