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Combining dark matter detectors and electron-capture sources to hunt for new physics in the neutrino sector

In this letter we point out the possibility to study new physics in the neutrino sector using dark matter detectors based on liquid xenon. These are characterized by very good spatial resolution and extremely low thresholds for electron recoil energies. When combined with a radioactive ν e source, both features in combination allow for a very competitive sensitivity to neutrino...

What Makes a Good Palliative Care Physician? A Qualitative Study about the Patient’s Expectations and Needs when Being Admitted to a Palliative Care Unit

Objective The aims of the study were to examine a) patients’ knowledge of palliative care, b) patients’ expectations and needs when being admitted to a palliative care unit, and c) patient’s concept of a good palliative care physician. Methods The study was based on a qualitative methodology, comprising 32 semistructured interviews with advanced cancer patients admitted to the...

Quantifying the sensitivity of oscillation experiments to the neutrino mass ordering

Determining the type of the neutrino mass ordering (normal versus inverted) is one of the most important open questions in neutrino physics. In this paper we clarify the statistical interpretation of sensitivity calculations for this measurement. We employ standard frequentist methods of hypothesis testing in order to precisely define terms like the median sensitivity of an...

Two experiments for the price of one? The role of the second oscillation maximum in long baseline neutrino experiments

Patrick Huber 1 Joachim Kopp 0 Open Access 0 Theoretical Physics Department , Fermilab, PO Box 500, Batavia, IL 60510, U.S.A 1 Department of Physics , Virginia Tech, Robeson Hall, Blacksburg, VA