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Esrp1 is a marker of mouse fetal germ cells and differentially expressed during spermatogenesis

, Patrick S. Western. Methodology: Robb U. de Iongh, Franca Casagranda, Jessie M. Sutherland, Patrick S. Western, Eileen A. McLaughlin, Mary Familari, Gary R. Hime. Project administration: Robb U. de Iongh ... , Mary Familari, Gary R. Hime. Resources: Jessie M. Sutherland, Patrick S. Western, Eileen A. McLaughlin. Supervision: Robb U. de Iongh, Mary Familari, Gary R. Hime. Visualization: Shaghayegh Saeidi

Identifying disruptors of male germ cell development by small molecule screening in ex vivo gonad cultures

Background Germ cell development involves formation of the spermatogenic or oogenic lineages from the bipotential primordial germ cells. Signaling mechanisms in the fetal testis and ovary determine whether germ cells enter the male or female developmental pathway, respectively. These signaling processes underpin an important phase of germ cell development, disruption of which can...

Technical considerations for genotyping multi-allelic copy number variation (CNV), in regions of segmental duplication

Background Intrachromosomal segmental duplications provide the substrate for non-allelic homologous recombination, facilitating extensive copy number variation in the human genome. Many multi-copy gene families are embedded within genomic regions with high levels of sequence identity (>95%) and therefore pose considerable analytical challenges. In some cases, the complexity...

Signaling through the TGF Beta-Activin Receptors ALK4/5/7 Regulates Testis Formation and Male Germ Cell Development

The developing testis provides an environment that nurtures germ cell development, ultimately ensuring spermatogenesis and fertility. Impacts on this environment are considered to underlie aberrant germ cell development and formation of germ cell tumour precursors. The signaling events involved in testis formation and male fetal germ cell development remain largely unknown...

Mitotic Arrest in Teratoma Susceptible Fetal Male Germ Cells

Formation of germ cell derived teratomas occurs in mice of the 129/SvJ strain, but not in C57Bl/6 inbred or CD1 outbred mice. Despite this, there have been few comparative studies aimed at determining the similarities and differences between teratoma susceptible and non-susceptible mouse strains. This study examines the entry of fetal germ cells into the male pathway and mitotic...