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The neural response properties and cortical organization of a rapidly adapting muscle sensory group response that overlaps with the frequencies that elicit the kinesthetic illusion

, and Ben Jiang for their assistance. Conceptualization: Paul D. Marasco, Dennis J. Bourbeau. Data curation: Paul D. Marasco. Formal analysis: Paul D. Marasco, Dennis J. Bourbeau, Courtney E. Shell ... , Rafael Granja-Vazquez, Jason G. Ina. Funding acquisition: Paul D. Marasco. Investigation: Paul D. Marasco, Dennis J. Bourbeau, Jason G. Ina. Methodology: Paul D. Marasco, Dennis J. Bourbeau, Courtney E

Setting the pace: insights and advancements gained while preparing for an FES bike race

The reduction in physical activity following a spinal cord injury often leads to a decline in mental and physical health. Developing an exercise program that is effective and enjoyable is paramount for this population. Although functional electrical stimulation (FES) stationary cycling has been utilized in rehabilitation settings, implementing an overground cycling program for...

Characterization of interfacial socket pressure in transhumeral prostheses: A case series

One of the most important factors in successful upper limb prostheses is the socket design. Sockets must be individually fabricated to arrive at a geometry that suits the user’s morphology and appropriately distributes the pressures associated with prosthetic use across the residual limb. In higher levels of amputation, such as transhumeral, this challenge is amplified as...