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Inter-Slice Blood Flow and Magnetization Transfer Effects as A New Simultaneous Imaging Strategy

The recent blood flow and magnetization transfer (MT) technique termed alternate ascending/descending directional navigation (ALADDIN) achieves the contrast using interslice blood flow and MT effects with no separate preparation RF pulse, thereby potentially overcoming limitations of conventional methods. In this study, we examined the signal characteristics of ALADDIN as a...

Investigation of Inter-Slice Magnetization Transfer Effects as a New Method for MTR Imaging of the Human Brain

We present a new method for magnetization transfer (MT) ratio imaging in the brain that requires no separate saturation pulse. Interslice MT effects that are inherent to multi-slice balanced steady-state free precession (bSSFP) imaging were controlled via an interslice delay time to generate MT-weighted (0 s delay) and reference images (5–8 s delay) for MT ratio (MTR) imaging of...