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Towards a Comprehensive Temporal Classification of Footfall Patterns in the Cities of Great Britain (Short Paper)

- 1874 , 2005 . Karlo Lugomer , Balamurugan Soundararaj, Roberto Murcio, James Cheshire, and Paul Longley . Understanding sources of measurement error in the wi-fi sensor data in the smart city . In ... Statistical Software , 62 ( 1 ): 1 - 43 , 2014 . Roberto Murcio , Bala Soundararaj, and Karlo Lugomer . Movements in cities: Footfall and its spatio-temporal distribution . In Paul Longley, James Cheshire, and

OACoder: Postcode Coding Tool

Geodemographic classifications are small area classifications of social, economic and demographic characteristics. The Output Area Classification (OAC) is a free geodemographic classification. It is an Office of National Statistics validated measure that summarises neighbourhood conditions at the Output Area Level across the United Kingdom. Linkage of these valuable statistics...