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Adjuvant Chemotherapy for Brain Tumors Delivered via a Novel Intra-Cavity Moldable Polymer Matrix

IntroductionPolymer-based delivery systems offer innovative intra-cavity administration of drugs, with the potential to better target micro-deposits of cancer cells in brain parenchyma beyond the resected cavity. Here we evaluate clinical utility, toxicity and sustained drug release capability of a novel formulation of poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA)/poly(ethylene glycol...

Characterisation of insulin analogues therapeutically available to patients

hydrodynamic aspects of the findings. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Gary G. Adams, Andrew Meal, Paul S. Morgan, M. Samil Kok, Stephen E. Harding. Data curation: Qushmua E. Alzahrani, Hanne Zobel ... , Ryan Lithgo, David T. M. Besong, Shahwar I. Jiwani, Simon Ballance, Stephen E. Harding, Richard B. Gillis. Formal analysis: Gary G. Adams, Andrew Meal, Paul S. Morgan, Hanne Zobel, Ryan Lithgo, M. Samil

The ‘Swallow Tail’ Appearance of the Healthy Nigrosome – A New Accurate Test of Parkinson's Disease: A Case-Control and Retrospective Cross-Sectional MRI Study at 3T

There is no well-established in vivo marker of nigral degeneration in Parkinson's disease (PD). An ideal imaging marker would directly mirror the loss of substantia nigra dopaminergic neurones, which is most prominent in sub-regions called nigrosomes. High-resolution, iron-sensitive, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at 7T allows direct nigrosome-1 visualisation in healthy people...