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Design of adaptive constellations and error protection coding for wireless network coding in 5-node butterfly networks

funded by the European Union under its FP7 ICT Objective 1.1 - The Network of the Future. Work of Pavel Prochazka and Tomas Uricar was also partially supported by the Grant Agency of the Czech Technical

Karhunen-Loève-Based Reduced-Complexity Representation of the Mixed-Density Messages in SPA on Factor Graph and Its Impact on BER

and Its Impact on BER Pavel Prochazka 0 Jan Sykora 0 Monica Nicoli 0 Department of Radio Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague , Technicka 2, 166 27 Praha

Human conditionally immortalized neural stem cells improve locomotor function after spinal cord injury in the rat

Introduction A growing number of studies have highlighted the potential of stem cell and more-differentiated neural cell transplantation as intriguing therapeutic approaches for neural repair after spinal cord injury (SCI). Methods A conditionally immortalized neural stem cell line derived from human fetal spinal cord tissue (SPC-01) was used to treat a balloon-induced SCI. SPC...

Molecular characteristics of mismatch repair genes in sporadic colorectal tumors in Czech patients

Background Mismatch repair (MMR) genes are known to be frequently altered in colorectal cancer (CRC). Both genetics and epigenetics modifications seems to be relevant in this phenomenon, however it is still not clear how these two aspects are interconnected. The present study aimed at characterizing of epigenetic and gene expression profiles of MMR genes in sporadic CRC patients...