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Spin-dependent constraints on blind spots for thermal singlino-higgsino dark matter with(out) light singlets

The LUX experiment has recently set very strong constraints on spin-independent interactions of WIMP with nuclei. These null results can be accommodated in NMSSM provided that the effective spin-independent coupling of the LSP to nucleons is suppressed. We investigate thermal relic abundance of singlino-higgsino LSP in these so-called spin-independent blind spots and derive current ...

Blind spots for neutralino dark matter in the NMSSM

Spin-independent cross-section for neutralino dark matter scattering off nuclei is investigated in the NMSSM. Several classes of blind spots for direct detection of singlino-Higgsino dark matter are analytically identified, including such that have no analog in the MSSM. It is shown that mixing of the Higgs doublets with the scalar singlet has a big impact on the position of blind ...

An attempt to design long-wavelength (>2 μm) InP-based GaInNAs diode lasers

In the present paper, anticipated performance characteristics of various InP-based GaInNAs quantum-well (QW) active regions are determined with the aid of our comprehensive computer model for various sets of parameters (temperature, carrier concentration, QW thickness). It is evident from this analysis that the compressively strained InP-based ...