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Discussion on research methods of bacterial resistant mutation mechanisms under selective culture—uncertainty analysis of data from the Luria-Delbrück fluctuation experiment

Whether bacterial drug-resistance is drug-induced or results from rapid propagation of random spontaneous mutations in the flora prior to exposure, remains a long-term key issue concerned and debated in both genetics and medicinal fields. In a pioneering study, Luria and Delbrück exposed E. coli to T1 phage, to investigate whether the number of resistant colonies followed the...

Impact of Indels on the Flanking Regions in Structural Domains

Amino acid substitution and insertions/deletions (indels) are two common events in protein evolution; however, current knowledge on indels is limited. In this study, we investigated the effects of indels on the flanking regions in protein structure superfamilies. Comprehensive analysis of structural classification of proteins superfamilies revealed that indels lead to a series of...

The Combined Effects of Amino Acid Substitutions and Indels on the Evolution of Structure within Protein Families

Background In the process of protein evolution, sequence variations within protein families can cause changes in protein structures and functions. However, structures tend to be more conserved than sequences and functions. This leads to an intriguing question: what is the evolutionary mechanism by which sequence variations produce structural changes? To investigate this question...

Accurate assessment of antibiotic susceptibility and screening resistant strains of a bacterial population by linear gradient plate

The dynamics of a bacterial population exposed to the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of an antibiotic is an important issue in pharmacological research. Therefore, a novel antibiotic susceptibility test is urgently needed that can both precisely determine the MIC and accurately select antibiotic-resistant strains from clinical bacterial populations. For this purpose, we...

Occurrence of leu+ revertants under starvation cultures in Escherichia coli is growth-dependent

genes of revertants, and drafted the manuscript. Peiji Gao, as supervisor, conceived the study, participated in its design and revised the manuscript. Yumin Mao carried out the sequencing of the leuB