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Flavor universal resonances and warped gravity

Warped higher-dimensional compactifications with “bulk” standard model, or their AdS/CFT dual as the purely 4D scenario of Higgs compositeness and partial compositeness, offer an elegant approach to resolving the electroweak hierarchy problem as well as the origins of flavor structure. However, low-energy electroweak/flavor/CP constraints and the absence of non-standard physics...

LHC signals from cascade decays of warped vector resonances

Recently (arXiv:1608.00526), a new framework for warped higher-dimensional compactifications with “bulk” standard model (SM) was proposed: in addition to the UV (Planck scale) and IR (a couple of TeV) branes, there is an intermediate brane, taken to be around 10TeV. The SM matter and Higgs fields propagate from the UV brane down to this intermediate brane only, while gauge and...

Permutation relations of generalized Yangian Invariants, unitarity cuts, and scattering amplitudes

Peizhi Du 0 Gang Chen 0 Yeuk-Kwan E. Cheung 0 0 Department of Physics, Nanjing University , 22 Hankou Road, Nanjing 210093, P.R. China We find a permutation relation among the generalized Yangian ... , Andreas Brandhuber, Livia Ferro, Song He, Jan Plefka, and Ellis Yuan for helpful communications. Peizhi Du would like to thank Nima Arkani-Hamed for encouragement. This research project has been supported