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Chemically modified cellulose micro- and nanofibrils as paper-strength additives

Chemically modified cellulose micro- and nanofibrils were successfully used as paper strength additives. Three different kinds of cellulose nanofibrils (CNFs) were studied: carboxymethylated CNFs, periodate-oxidised carboxymethylated CNFs and dopamine-grafted carboxymethylated CNFs, all prepared from bleached chemical fibres of dissolving grade, and one microfibrillated cellulose...

On the relationship between fibre composition and material properties following periodate oxidation and borohydride reduction of lignocellulosic fibres

Periodate oxidation followed by borohydride reduction was performed on four structurally different pulp fibres to clarify the effect of chemical composition on the structural and mechanical properties of sheets made from these fibres. The main purpose was to explore the possibility of extending the use of lignocellulose fibres in novel applications. The degree of oxidation...