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Use of a resilient bond line to increase strength of long adhesive lap joints

The load capacity of long adhesive lap joints is often governed by stress concentrations at the lap ends. This paper investigates a method to minimize these stress concentrations by using a bond line with low shear stiffness and sufficient strength, here denoted as a resilient bond line. The resilient bond line is intended to increase the load carrying capacity of long lap joints...

Measurement of the flexibility of wet cellulose fibres using atomic force microscopy

Flexibility and modulus of elasticity data for two types of wet cellulose fibres using a direct force–displacement method by means of AFM are reported for never dried wet fibres immersed in water. The flexibilities for the bleached softwood kraft pulp (BSW) fibres are in the range of 4–38 × 1012 N−1 m−2 while the flexibilities for the thermomechanical pulp (TMP) fibres are about...