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The pain threshold of high-threshold mechanosensitive receptors subsequent to maximal eccentric exercise is a potential marker in the prediction of DOMS associated impairment

Contributions Conceptualization: Johannes Fleckenstein, Lutz Vogt, Winfried Banzer. Data curation: Johannes Fleckenstein, Perikles Simon. Formal analysis: Johannes Fleckenstein, Perikles Simon. Funding ... . Resources: Johannes Fleckenstein. Software: Johannes Fleckenstein. Supervision: Johannes Fleckenstein, Perikles Simon, Lutz Vogt, Winfried Banzer. Validation: Johannes Fleckenstein, Perikles Simon, Matthias

Acute effects of strength exercises and effects of regular strength training on cell free DNA concentrations in blood plasma

: Suzan Tug, Patrick Hegen, Wolfgang SchoÈllhorn, Perikles Simon. Data curation: Suzan Tug, Anna-Katharina Tross, Patrick Hegen, Perikles Simon. Formal analysis: Suzan Tug, Wolfgang SchoÈllhorn, Perikles ... Simon. Investigation: Suzan Tug, Perikles Simon. Methodology: Suzan Tug, Anna-Katharina Tross, Patrick Hegen, Wolfgang SchoÈllhorn, Perikles Simon. Project administration: Suzan Tug, Anna-Katharina

Doping in Two Elite Athletics Competitions Assessed by Randomized-Response Surveys

the World Anti-Doping Agency for their work on designing the study. Andrea Petro´czi, Perikles Simon, and Rolf Ulrich have received Grant support from WADA for work on other studies. Le´a Cle´ret was

A Comparison of the Cheater Detection and the Unrelated Question Models: A Randomized Response Survey on Physical and Cognitive Doping in Recreational Triathletes

Purpose This study assessed the prevalence of physical and cognitive doping in recreational triathletes with two different randomized response models, that is, the Cheater Detection Model (CDM) and the Unrelated Question Model (UQM). Since both models have been employed in assessing doping, the major objective of this study was to investigate whether the estimates of these two...

Child-caregivers’ body weight and habitual physical activity status is associated with overweight in kindergartners

Background The aim of this study was to examine whether child-caregivers’, both parents and kindergarten teachers, health parameters (age, weight status, habitual physical activity score) are significantly associated with the risk of overweight in young children. Methods We assessed the individual body mass index standard deviation score in a regional cross-sectional health study...

Obesity prevalence and unfavorable health risk behaviors among German kindergarten teachers: cross-sectional results of the kindergarten teacher health study

Background The aim of the study was to investigate obesity status and associated health risk behaviors in a sample of German kindergarten teachers. At present, such data are not available, despite the fact that kindergarten teachers educate children at a formative time in their lives. Methods Kindergarten teachers aged 18–62 years (n = 313) were invited to participate in the...

Transgene Detection by Digital Droplet PCR

Simon 0 Domenico Coppola, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, United States of America 0 1 Faculty of Psychology , Genetic Psychology , Ruhr-University-Bochum , Bochum, Germany , 2

Associations between Physical and Cognitive Doping – A Cross-Sectional Study in 2.997 Triathletes

Purpose This study assessed, for the first time, prevalence estimates for physical and cognitive doping within a single collective of athletes using the randomized response technique (RRT). Furthermore, associations between the use of legal and freely available substances to improve physical and cognitive performance (enhancement) and illicit or banned substances to improve...

Direct Quantification of Cell-Free, Circulating DNA from Unpurified Plasma

Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) in body tissues or fluids is extensively investigated in clinical medicine and other research fields. In this article we provide a direct quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) as a sensitive tool for the measurement of cfDNA from plasma without previous DNA extraction, which is known to be accompanied by a reduction of DNA yield. The primer sets were designed to...

Use of illicit and prescription drugs for cognitive or mood enhancement among surgeons

Background Surgeons are usually exposed to high workloads leading to fatigue and stress. This not only increases the likelihood of mistakes during surgery but also puts pressure on surgeons to use drugs to counteract fatigue, distress, concentration deficits, burnout or symptoms of depression. The prevalence of surgeons taking pharmacological cognitive enhancement (CE) or mood...

Q-Gene: processing quantitative real-time RT–PCR data

Summary: Q-Gene is an application for the processing of quantitative real-time RT–PCR data. It offers the user the possibility to freely choose between two principally different procedures to calculate normalized gene expressions as either means of Normalized Expressions or Mean Normalized Expressions. In this contribution it will be shown that the calculation of Mean Normalized...

Psychodynamic Motivation and Training program (PMT) for the secondary prevention in patients with stable coronary heart disease: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial of feasibility and effects

Background Nonpharmacological secondary prevention of coronary heart disease is considered a safe and effective measure to substantially reduce mortality. Despite the effectiveness of lifestyle changes, the compliance rate of patients is very low mainly due to psychosocial barriers. Psychotherapeutic approaches that address how persons think about themselves and their behaviors...

Medium Chain Acylcarnitines Dominate the Metabolite Pattern in Humans under Moderate Intensity Exercise and Support Lipid Oxidation

Background Exercise is an extreme physiological challenge for skeletal muscle energy metabolism and has notable health benefits. We aimed to identify and characterize metabolites, which are components of the regulatory network mediating the beneficial metabolic adaptation to exercise. Methodology and Principal Findings First, we investigated plasma from healthy human subjects who...