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Object recognition combining vision and touch

This paper explores ways of combining vision and touch for the purpose of object recognition. In particular, it focuses on scenarios when there are few tactile training samples (as these are usually costly to obtain) and when vision is artificially impaired. Whilst machine vision is a widely studied field, and machine touch has received some attention recently, the fusion of both...

Fitting quadrics with a Bayesian prior

appearance in 2D and 3D. Peter Hall is a professor of visual computing at the University of Bath. His research interests focus around the use of computer vision for computer graphics applications. He is

Cross-depiction problem: Recognition and synthesis of photographs and artwork

medium, provided the original author(s) and the source are credited. Peter Hall is a professor of visual computing at University of Bath and also a director of the Media Technology Research Centre at

Use of Electronic Loggers to Measure Changes in the Rates of Hand Washing with Soap in Low-Income Urban Households in India

Unilever. Peter Hall (Intertek) was subcontracted by Unilever to the fieldwork, and Adam Biran was funded by a research grant from Unilever to the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine 2 Editor

Global timber investments and trends, 2005-2011

Background Prior research in 2005 and 2008 estimated planted forest investment returns for a set of countries and included some natural forest species in a few countries. This research has extended those analyses to a larger set of countries and focused on plantation species, for seven years. This research serves as a "benchmarking" exercise that helps identify comparative...

Is Structured Observation a Valid Technique to Measure Handwashing Behavior? Use of Acceleration Sensors Embedded in Soap to Assess Reactivity to Structured Observation

: stewart.granger@south, , , and . Peter Hall, Unit 6, Capenhurst Technology Park, Capenhurst, Cheshire, CH16EH, United Kingdom, E-mail: . Benjamin Nygren, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory