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Point-particle effective field theory III: relativistic fermions and the Dirac equation

We formulate point-particle effective field theory (PPEFT) for relativistic spin-half fermions interacting with a massive, charged finite-sized source using a first-quantized effective field theory for the heavy compact object and a second-quantized language for the lighter fermion with which it interacts. This description shows how to determine the near-source boundary condition...

Point-particle effective field theory I: classical renormalization and the inverse-square potential

Singular potentials (the inverse-square potential, for example) arise in many situations and their quantum treatment leads to well-known ambiguities in choosing boundary conditions for the wave-function at the position of the potential’s singularity. These ambiguities are usually resolved by developing a self-adjoint extension of the original prob-lem; a non-unique procedure that...

Point-particle effective field theory II: relativistic effects and Coulomb/inverse-square competition

We apply point-particle effective field theory (PPEFT) to compute the leading shifts due to finite-sized source effects in the Coulomb bound energy levels of a relativistic spinless charged particle. This is the analogue for spinless electrons of calculating the contribution of the charge-radius of the source to these levels, and our calculation disagrees with standard...