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Investigating the loss of work productivity due to symptomatic leiomyoma

Konings, Helena Kopp Kallner. Funding acquisition: Mia Lindeberg. Investigation: Helena Kopp Kallner. Methodology: Peter Konings, Helena Kopp Kallner. Project administration: Klara Hasselrot, Mia ... Lindeberg. Supervision: Helena Kopp Kallner. Writing ± original draft: Klara Hasselrot. Writing ± review & editing: Klara Hasselrot, Mia Lindeberg, Peter Konings, Helena Kopp Kallner. 8 / 9 13. 1

Colorectal Cancer Prognosis Following Obesity Surgery in a Population-Based Cohort Study

Background Obesity surgery involves mechanical and physiological changes of the gastrointestinal tract that might promote colorectal cancer progression. Thus, we hypothesised that obesity surgery is associated with poorer prognosis in patients with colorectal cancer. Methods This nationwide population-based cohort study included all patients with an obesity diagnosis who...

Early Complications Following Oesophagectomy for Cancer in Relation to Long-Term Healthcare Utilisation: A Prospective Population-Based Cohort Study

Background Little is known about how early postoperative complications after oesophagectomy for cancer influence healthcare utilisation in the long-term. We hypothesised that these complications also increase healthcare utilisation long after the recovery period. Methods This was a prospective, nationwide Swedish population-based cohort study of patients who underwent curatively...

Single-cell copy number variation detection

Detection of chromosomal aberrations from a single cell by array comparative genomic hybridization (single-cell array CGH), instead of from a population of cells, is an emerging technique. However, such detection is challenging because of the genome artifacts and the DNA amplification process inherent to the single cell approach. Current normalization algorithms result in...