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Improving Nursing Home Care through Feedback On PerfoRMance Data (INFORM): Protocol for a cluster-randomized trial

Background Audit and feedback is effective in improving the quality of care. However, methods and results of international studies are heterogeneous, and studies have been criticized for a lack of systematic use of theory. In TREC (Translating Research in Elder Care), a longitudinal health services research program, we collect comprehensive data from care providers and residents...

Feedback reporting of survey data to healthcare aides

Alison M Hutchinson 0 1 Neha Batra-Garga Lisa Cranley Anne-Marie Bostrom Greta Cummings Peter Norton Carole A Estabrooks 0 Cabrini-Deakin Centre for Nursing Research, Cabrini Health , Melbourne ... , Sue Dopson, Heather Laschinger, Kathy McGilton, Verena Menec, Debra Morgan, Peter Norton, Joanne Profetto-McGrath, Jo Rycroft-Malone, Malcolm Smith, Norma Stewart, Gary Teare; decision-makers: Caroline

Health researchers in Alberta: an exploratory comparison of defining characteristics and knowledge translation activities

Background Canadian funding agencies are no longer content to support research that solely advances scientific knowledge, and key directives are now in place to promote research transfer to policy- and decision-makers. Therefore, it is necessary to improve our understanding of how researchers are trained and supported to facilitate knowledge translation activities. In this study...

Clinical and medication profiles stratified by household income in patients referred for diabetes care

Background Low income individuals with diabetes are at particularly high risk for poor health outcomes. While specialized diabetes care may help reduce this risk, it is not currently known whether there are significant clinical differences across income groups at the time of referral. The objective of this study is to determine if the clinical profiles and medication use of...

Association of socio-economic status with diabetes prevalence and utilization of diabetes care services

Background Low income appears to be associated with a higher prevalence of diabetes and diabetes related complications, however, little is known about how income influences access to diabetes care. The objective of the present study was to determine whether income is associated with referral to a diabetes centre within a universal health care system. Methods Data on referral for...