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The structure and dynamics of two tailed sources in cluster 0648 + 19

Observations at five radio frequencies are used to determine the structure and spectra of a complex region in the direction 0648 + 19. We show that it consists of three separate radio sources; two tailed sources in one cluster, and an unrelated classical double. We have used spectral-ageing calculations to derive ages and velocities for the two tailed sources. Combining these...

8C1435+635: a radio galaxy at z = 4.25

Radio galaxies at redshift z > 4 have proved to be very elusive. By searching for objects with unusual radio spectra between 38 and 4850 MHz, and following up with blind spectroscopy, we have discovered the first radio galaxy known with z > 4, 8C1435 + 635. In this paper we present our observations, discuss the evidence for the redshift, and compare the radio properties of 8Cl435...