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From Molecules to Behavior: Lessons from the Study of Rare Genetic Disorders

Rare diseases are defined as conditions with a prevalence of less than 1/2,000. To date between 6,000 and 7,000 rare diseases have been identified and many of those have manifestations that include intellectual disability, developmental disorders or other behavioural phenotypes. In this special issue we bring together a range of papers where rare diseases were used as models to...

Modulation of Brain β-Endorphin Concentration by the Specific Part of the Y Chromosome in Mice

Background Several studies in animal models suggest a possible effect of the specific part of the Y-chromosome (YNPAR) on brain opioid, and more specifically on brain β-endorphin (BE). In humans, male prevalence is found in autistic disorder in which observation of abnormal peripheral or central BE levels are also reported. This suggests gender differences in BE associated with...

Pre-weaning Sensorial and Motor Development in Mice Transpolygenic for the Critical Region of Trisomy 21

Trisomy 21’’ (Behavior Genetics 36(3), 2006) by Pierre L. Roubertoux et al., the introduction contains an error - Rhr should replace Cje as follows: The online version of the original article can be found