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Impact of sub and supra-threshold adaptation currents in networks of spiking neurons

Neuronal adaptation is the intrinsic capacity of the brain to change, by various mechanisms, its dynamical responses as a function of the context. Such a phenomena, widely observed in vivo and in vitro, is known to be crucial in homeostatic regulation of the activity and gain control. The effects of adaptation have already been studied at the single-cell level, resulting from...

The Convallis Rule for Unsupervised Learning in Cortical Networks

The phenomenology and cellular mechanisms of cortical synaptic plasticity are becoming known in increasing detail, but the computational principles by which cortical plasticity enables the development of sensory representations are unclear. Here we describe a framework for cortical synaptic plasticity termed the “Convallis rule”, mathematically derived from a principle of...

Supervised learning with decision margins in pools of spiking neurons

Charlotte Le Mouel Kenneth D. Harris Pierre Yger Action Editor: Claudia Clopath 0 ) Ecole Normale Suprieure, Paris, France Learning to categorise sensory inputs by generalising from a few examples

Network-State Modulation of Power-Law Frequency-Scaling in Visual Cortical Neurons

Various types of neural-based signals, such as EEG, local field potentials and intracellular synaptic potentials, integrate multiple sources of activity distributed across large assemblies. They have in common a power-law frequency-scaling structure at high frequencies, but it is still unclear whether this scaling property is dominated by intrinsic neuronal properties or by...