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Bacterial Transformation and the Origins of Epidemics in the Interwar Period: The Epidemiological Significance of Fred Griffith’s “Transforming Experiment”

Frederick Griffith (1879–1941) was an English bacteriologist at the Pathological Laboratory of the Ministry of Health in London who believed that progress in the epidemiology and control of infectious diseases would come only with more precise knowledge of the identity of the causative microorganisms. Over the years, Griffith developed and expanded a serological technique for ...

Rethinking the Body and Its Boundaries

Until recently, the idea that the nature of the body is a contested matter may have seemed to many people, whether inside or beyond the ivory tower, as but another sign of the silliness of the academy. Advances in biotechnology such as organ transplantation, assisted reproductive techniques (ART), genetics, stem cell research, enhancement, and regenerative medicine have made use of ...