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Feasibility and transcriptomic analysis of betalain production by biomembrane surface fermentation of Penicillium novae-zelandiae

Ping Li 0 0 Henan Province Engineering Laboratory for Bioconversion Technology of Functional Microbes, College of Life Sciences, Henan Normal University , Xinxiang 453007 , China In this study, a

Microbial diversity and component variation in Xiaguan Tuo Tea during pile fermentation

Conceptualization: Haizhou Li, Ping Li. Data curation: Haizhou Li, Xinrui Yang, Ping Li. Formal analysis: Haizhou Li. Investigation: Haizhou Li, Xinrui Yang, Ping Li. Methodology: Haizhou Li, Feng Han. Project ... administration: Ping Li. Resources: Haizhou Li, Guofeng Chen, Jiuyun Chu, Xingwang He, Weitao Wang. Software: Haizhou Li, Xin Gui. 15 / 18 Supervision: Ping Li. Validation: Ping Li. Visualization: Haizhou Li

Microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of rheo-squeeze casting AZ91-Ca alloy during heat treatment

The rheo-squeeze casting (RSC) process is a newly-developed casting process for high-performance components. In order to further improve the mechanical properties of magnesium alloys, AZ91-2wt.%Ca (AZX912) alloy was prepared by the RSC process and then subjected to heat treatment. The microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of AZX912 alloy during heat treatment were ...

In vitro and in vivo cytocompatibility evaluation of biodegradable magnesium-based stents: a review

interest The authors declare no conflict of interest. Ping Li was born in 1992. She is now pursuing her master degree in the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University

Adult reference intervals for IgG subclasses with Siemens immunonephelometric assays in Chinese population

To determine the adult reference intervals for the Siemens IgG subclass reagents. 636 blood samples of healthy adults were analyzed to determine the level of IgG subclass using the reagents of Siemens immunonephelometric assay with molecular biology kits. IgGSc reference intervals were as follows: IgG1 4.45–9.76 g/L, IgG2 2.07–8.57 g/L, IgG3 0.08–0.80 g/L and IgG4 0.05–1.54 g/L. ...

An application of Lorentz-invariance violation in black hole thermodynamics

In this paper, we have applied the Lorentz-invariance violation (LIV) class of dispersion relations (DRs) with the dimensionless parameter \(\textit{n}=2\) and the “sign of LIV” \(\eta _+ = 1\), to a phenomenological study of the effect of quantum gravity in a strong gravitational field. Specifically, we have studied the effect of the LIV-DR induced quantum gravity on the ...

Chlamydia pneumoniae inclusion membrane protein Cpn0147 interacts with host protein CREB3

Hebei Natural Science Foundation (grant numbers: C2014405041). Author Contributions Data curation: Ping Li. Investigation: Xia Zhao. Methodology: Xia Zhao, Xiaohui Jia, Yongting Cheng. Supervision

Variability in the protein profiles in spermatozoa of two sturgeon species

Fishery Sciences (2015B02YQ01, Ping Li received the funding; 2016GH04, Chuangju Li received the funding), the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic-projects ªCENAKVAº (CZ.1.05 ... / 2.1.00/01.0024, Otomar Linhart received the funding), ªCENAKVA IIº (LO1205 under the NPU I program, Otomar Linhart received the funding), and the Czech Science Foundation (16-02407Y, Ping Li received the

Anti-tumor activity of nanomicelles encapsulating CXCR4 peptide antagonist E5

Duan, Ping Li, Maryam Yousaf, Yanlian Yang, Chen Wang. Project administration: Xiaocui Fang, Yanlian Yang, Chen Wang. Software: Xiaocui Fang. Validation: Xiaocui Fang. Supervision: Xiaocui Fang, Haiyan

A monomethyl auristatin E-conjugated antibody to guanylyl cyclase C is cytotoxic to target-expressing cells in vitro and in vivo

Zhang, Daniel P. Bradley, Jose Estevam, Edward Greenfield, Claudia Rabino. Project administration: Daniel P. Bradley, Ping Li, Adnan Abu-Yousif, O. Petter Veiby. Resources: Daniel P. Bradley, Pamela ... Brauer, Ping Li, Huay-Keng Loke, Brad Stringer. Supervision: Daniel P. Bradley, Mark Williamson, O. Petter Veiby. Validation: Julie Zhang. Visualization: Melissa Gallery, Julie Zhang, Brad Stringer

OsLAP6/OsPKS1, an orthologue of Arabidopsis PKSA/LAP6, is critical for proper pollen exine formation

Background Male fertility is crucial for rice yield, and the improvement of rice yield requires hybrid production that depends on male sterile lines. Although recent studies have revealed several important genes in male reproductive development, our understanding of the mechanisms of rice pollen development remains unclear. Results We identified a rice mutant oslap6 with complete ...

An asymptotically sharp coefficients estimate for harmonic K-quasiconformal mappings

By using the improved Hübner inequalities, in this paper we obtain an asymptotically sharp lower bound estimate for the coefficients of harmonic K-quasiconformal self-mappings of the unit disk D which keep the origin fixed. The result partly improves the former results given by (Partyka and Sakan in Ann. Acad. Sci. Fenn., Math. 30:167-182, 2005 ) and (Zhu and Zeng in J. Comput. ...

Prevalence of overweight, obesity, abdominal obesity and obesity-related risk factors in southern China

, Chunjiao You, Kui Hong. Project administration: Juxiang Li, Kui Hong, Ping Li, Yanqing Wu, Qinhua Wu, Zengwu Wang, Runlin Gao, Huihui Bao, Xiaoshu Cheng. Software: Lihua Hu, Xiao Huang. Supervision ... : Huihui Bao, Xiaoshu Cheng. Validation: Lihua Hu, Xiao Huang, Chunjiao You, Juxiang Li, Kui Hong, Ping Li, Yanqing Wu, Qinhua Wu, Huihui Bao, Xiaoshu Cheng. Writing ± original draft: Lihua Hu. Writing

Quantum tunneling, adiabatic invariance and black hole spectroscopy

In the tunneling framework, one of us, Jiang, together with Han has studied the black hole spectroscopy via adiabatic invariance, where the adiabatic invariant quantity has been intriguingly obtained by investigating the oscillating velocity of the black hole horizon. In this paper, we attempt to improve Jiang–Han’s proposal in two ways. Firstly, we once again examine the fact ...

Fusing literature and full network data improves disease similarity computation

Background Identifying relatedness among diseases could help deepen understanding for the underlying pathogenic mechanisms of diseases, and facilitate drug repositioning projects. A number of methods for computing disease similarity had been developed; however, none of them were designed to utilize information of the entire protein interaction network, using instead only those ...

Harpin Hpa1 promotes flower development in Impatiens and Parochetus plants

Background The harpin protein Hpa1 has multiple beneficial effects in plants, promoting plant growth and development, increasing crop yield, and inducing plant resistance to pathogens and insect pests. In these effects, the 10–40 residue fragment (Hpa110–42) isolated from the Hpa1 sequence is 1.3 to 7.5-fold more effective than the full length. Results This study extends the ...