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Species pool structure explains patterns of Antarctic rock-encrusting organism recruitment

Understanding the population dynamics of benthic communities is impossible without understanding the processes related to their initial development, including recruitment. In polar areas, encrusting organisms, such as bryozoans, polychaetes, sponges and ascidians, are amongst some of the most species-rich and abundant groups of macrofaunal organisms, yet knowledge about their...

Seasonal and multi-annual patterns of colonisation and growth of sessile benthic fauna on artificial substrates in the brackish low-diversity system of the Baltic Sea

Although benthic succession is well understood, the growth of assemblages does not follow the same progression across environmental variables and differs among coastal ecosystems. This study investigates the seasonal and multi-annual patterns of development of sessile invertebrate assemblages and the effects of environmental variables and substrate orientation (topsurface vs...

Factors affecting biodiversity on hermit crab shells

This study explores the abundance, diversity and assemblage structure of epifauna on the shells used by two hermit crab species (Pagurus bernhardus and P. pubescens) in the Arctic (Svalbard and Northern Norway) and investigates the biotic and physical drivers of such patterns. Contrary to our expectations, we found that location (which reflects the variability in environmental...

Hyas spp. crabs and sea anemones—new species associations from Svalbard

Piotr Balazy 0 Piotr Kuklinski 0 Nadya Sanamyan 0 0 N. Sanamyan Kamchatka Branch of Pacific Geographical Institute, Far-Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences , Partizanskaya Str. 6

Evidence of Season-Dependency in Vegetation Effects on Macrofauna in Temperate Seagrass Meadows (Baltic Sea)

Seagrasses and associated macrophytes are important components of coastal systems as ecosystem engineers, habitat formers, and providers of food and shelter for other organisms. The positive impacts of seagrass vegetation on zoobenthic abundance and diversity (as compared to bare sands) are well documented, but only in surveys performed in summer, which is the season of maximum...