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Contrast opacification on thoracic CT angiography: challenges and solutions

Contrast flow and enhancement patterns seen on thoracic CT angiography (CTA) can often be challenging and may often reveal more than is immediately apparent. A non-diagnostic CTA following the initial contrast injection can be secondary to many causes; these include both extrinsic factors, such as injection technique/equipment failure (iv cannula, power injector), and intrinsic, ...

Multimodal imaging of the tricuspid valve: normal appearance and pathological entities

Hospitals Case Medical Center , Cleveland, OH , USA 2 Cardiothoracic Imaging, Department of Radiology, University Hospitals Case Medical Center , Cleveland, OH , USA 3 Prabhakar Rajiah The tricuspid valve

Incremental value of PET and MRI in the evaluation of cardiovascular abnormalities

provide a comprehensive review on the incremental value of PET and MRI in the evaluation of cardiovascular diseases. PET; MRI; Cardiac; Ischemia; Neoplasm - * Prabhakar Rajiah Cardiovascular disease

The role of computed tomography in pre-procedural planning of cardiovascular surgery and intervention

Advances in our knowledge of cardiovascular disorders coupled with technological innovations have enabled the increased use of minimally invasive cardiovascular surgeries and transcatheter interventions, with resultant reduced morbidity and hospital stay. Three-dimensional imaging, particularly computed tomography (CT) is increasingly used for patient selection, providing a roadmap ...

Evaluation of left ventricular ejection fraction using through-time radial GRAPPA

Background The determination of left ventricular ejection fraction using cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) requires a steady cardiac rhythm for electrocardiogram (ECG) gating and multiple breathholds to minimize respiratory motion artifacts, which often leads to scan times of several minutes. The need for gating and breathholding can be eliminated by employing real-time CMR ...

Quantification of left ventricular functional parameter values using 3D spiral bSSFP and through-time Non-Cartesian GRAPPA

Background The standard clinical acquisition for left ventricular functional parameter analysis with cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) uses a multi-breathhold multi-slice segmented balanced SSFP sequence. Performing multiple long breathholds in quick succession for ventricular coverage in the short-axis orientation can lead to fatigue and is challenging in patients with ...