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Calreticulin is required for calcium homeostasis and proper pollen tube tip growth in Petunia

Main conclusion Calreticulin is involved in stabilization of the tip-focused Ca 2+ gradient and the actin cytoskeleton arrangement and function that is required for several key processes driving Petunia pollen tube tip growth. Although the precise mechanism is unclear, stabilization of a tip-focused calcium (Ca2+) gradient seems to be critical for pollen germination and pollen...

Calreticulin localizes to plant intra/extracellular peripheries of highly specialized cells involved in pollen-pistil interactions

Calcium (Ca2+) plays essential roles in generative reproduction of angiosperms, but the sites and mechanisms of Ca2+ storage and mobilization during pollen-pistil interactions have not been fully defined. Both external and internal Ca2+ stores are likely important during male gametophyte communication with the sporophytic and gametophytic cells within the pistil. Given that...

Expression and localization of myosin VI in developing mouse spermatids

Biology and Environmental Protection, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun ́ , Torun ́ , Poland 3 Przemysław Zakrzewski 4 Department of Biology, Washington University in St. Louis , St. Louis, MO , USA