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Study on three independent parameters of focal mechanism solution

In this paper, the relationships of the plunges and azimuths of T and P axes versus the strikes, dips, and rakes of two seismic nodal planes were derived to provide reference for earthquake researchers. The independence of the plunges and azimuths of T, B, and P axes in focal mechanism solution was discussed, and it was concluded that three parameters, i.e., the azimuths of T, B ...

Performances of Different Fragment Sizes for Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing in Pigs

Background Reduced representation bisulfite sequencing (RRBS) has been widely used to profile genome-scale DNA methylation in mammalian genomes. However, the applications and technical performances of RRBS with different fragment sizes have not been systematically reported in pigs, which serve as one of the important biomedical models for humans. The aims of this study were to ...

A Review of the Novel Application and Potential Adverse Effects of Proton Pump Inhibitors

, Yue-Qi Li, Lei Yu, Zi-Qing-Yun Yuan, Ling Meng, Hong-Wen Zhang and Yong-Qing Wang declare no conflict of interest. Compliance with Ethics Guidelines. This article is based on previously conducted

miR-296 inhibits the metastasis and epithelial-mesenchymal transition of colorectal cancer by targeting S100A4

Background Dysregulation of microRNAs (miRNAs) is actively involved in the pathogenesis and tumorigenicity of colorectal cancer (CRC). miR-296 was found to play either oncogenic or tumor suppressive role in human cancers. However, the status of miR-296 and its function in CRC remain unknown. Methods The expression of miR-296 was confirmed by qRT-PCR in CRC tissues and cells, and ...

Saxifragifolin D attenuates phagosome maturation arrest in Mycobacterium tuberculosis-infected macrophages via an AMPK and VPS34-dependent pathway

Saxifragifolin D (SD), a traditional Chinese medicine, is a pentacyclic triterpenoid compound first isolated from Androsace umbellata. Various plant triterpenoids have been reported to exhibit antitubercular activity. In this study, THP-1-derived macrophages were infected with an attenuated M. tuberculosis (M.tb) strain, H37Ra. Intracellular replication of M.tb was evaluated by ...

Erratum to: Biomechanical consideration of prosthesis selection in hybrid surgery for bi-level cervical disc degenerative diseases

Department of Orthopaedics, The 306th Hospital of People's Liberation Army , Beijing , People's Republic of China a mistake and has been corrected. First and last names of the author Qi Li were interchanged

Design of fiber magnetic field sensor based on fiber Bragg grating Fabry-Perot cavity ring-down spectroscopy

Design of Fiber Magnetic Field Sensor Based on Fiber Bragg Grating Fabry-Perot Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy Qi LI 0 Haiyan CHEN 0 Corresponding author: Haiyan CHEN 0 0 School of Physics and ... r = 0.98, the refractive index of the single mode fiber is 1.5, and the cavity length is 0.5 m. The effect of the external magnetic field on Qi LI et al.: Design of Fiber Magnetic Field Sensor Based

Lipopolysaccharide induces SBD-1 expression via the P38 MAPK signaling pathway in ovine oviduct epithelial cells

Background Beta defensins are secreted from ovine oviduct epithelial cells (OOECs) in response to microbial infection, and are potential alternatives to antibiotic agents in the treatment of microorganism infection, particularly given the abuse of antibiotic agents and the increasing number of drug-resistant bacteria. The aberrant expression of defensins may result in disorders ...

Helicobacter pylori promotes angiogenesis depending on Wnt/beta-catenin-mediated vascular endothelial growth factor via the cyclooxygenase-2 pathway in gastric cancer

Liu 0 Ning Zhou 0 Ni Chai Xuan Liu Haili Jiang Qiong Wu Qi Li 0 Equal contributors Department of Medical Oncology, Shuguang Hospital, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine , No. 528

CPA-7 influences immune profile and elicits anti-prostate cancer effects by inhibiting activated STAT3

Background Platinum-based chemotherapy is emerging as the first line of treatment for castration resistant prostate cancer. Among the family of platinum (IV)-based compounds, a member known as CPA-7 inhibits the growth of multiple cancer cell lines. However, how and to what extent CPA-7 elicits its anti-prostate cancer effects in vivo is largely unknown. Methods In this study, we ...

Comparative Transcriptome Analysis of the Pacific Oyster Crassostrea gigas Characterized by Shell Colors: Identification of Genetic Bases Potentially Involved in Pigmentation

Background Shell color polymorphisms of Mollusca have contributed to development of evolutionary biology and population genetics, while the genetic bases and molecular mechanisms underlying shell pigmentation are poorly understood. The Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) is one of the most important farmed oysters worldwide. Through successive family selection, four shell color ...

Fish oil alleviated high-fat diet–induced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease via regulating hepatic lipids metabolism and metaflammation: a transcriptomic study

experiment. Hualin Wang, Qi Li, Lei He and Na Li performed the RNA-seq transcriptomic analysis analysis. Hualin Wang, Zhiguo Liu and Fahu Yuan wrote the manuscript. All authors read and approved the final

Use of a Green Familiar Faces Paradigm Improves P300-Speller Brain-Computer Interface Performance

Background A recent study showed improved performance of the P300-speller when the flashing row or column was overlaid with translucent pictures of familiar faces (FF spelling paradigm). However, the performance of the P300-speller is not yet satisfactory due to its low classification accuracy and information transfer rate. Objective To investigate whether P300-speller performance ...

Optimization of an organic photovoltaic device via modulation of thickness of photoactive and optical spacer layers

We examine the modulation effects of thicknesses of both a photoactive layer (a bulk-heterojunction (BHJ) of poly(3-hexylthiophene) and [6,6]-phenyl-C61-butyric acid methyl ester (P3HT:PCBM)) and an optical spacer of a transparent metal oxide, for power conversion efficiency optimization of organic photovoltaic devices. The redistribution of the optical intensity at the photoactive ...

Oscillation of second-order nonlinear delay differential equations with nonpositive neutral coefficients

We present several oscillation criteria for a second-order nonlinear delay differential equation with a nonpositive neutral coefficient. Two examples are given to illustrate the main results. MSC: 34K11.

Characterization of important odorants in four steamed Coilia ectenes from China by gas chromatography–mass spectrometry–olfactometry

Odorants were extracted from four Coilia ectenes (Yangtze River-Coilia, East China sea-Coilia, Chao Lake-Coilia and Yellow River-Coilia) by MonoTrap™ and analyzed by the headspace-monolithic material sorptive extraction technique combined with gas chromatography–mass spectrometry–olfactometry (GC–MS–O). A total of 63 volatile compounds were identified. The results of GC–MS–O ...

Subtypes and Prognosis of Guillain-Barré Syndrome in Southwest China

The proportion of different subtypes of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) and their prognosis varied significantly among different regions. This study attempts to investigate the clinical subtypes and outcome of GBS in southwest China. Patients with GBS admitted to The First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University from January 2006 to March 2013 were included in our study. ...

Feasibility of diagnosing unstable plaque in patients with acute coronary syndrome using iMap-IVUS

plaque. Compliance with ethics guidelines Jian LIU, Zhao WANG, Wei-min WANG, Qi LI, Yu-liang MA, Chuan-fen LIU, Ming-yu LU, and Hong ZHAO declare that they have no conflict of interest. All procedures

Pneumonia Mortality among Children under 5 in China from 1996 to 2013: An Analysis from National Surveillance System

Objectives We investigated the mortality rate of pneumonia (PMR) among children under 5 and its time trend from 1996 to 2013 to determine the priorities for ending preventable deaths from pneumonia in children under 5, and share China’s successful experience in reducing PMR with other developing countries. Methods We used data from China’s Under 5 Child Mortality Surveillance ...