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Application of Metabolomics in the Study of Natural Products

LC–MS-based metabolomics could have a major impact in the study of natural products, especially in its metabolism, toxicity and activity. This review highlights recent applications of metabolomics approach in the study of metabolites and toxicity of natural products, and the understanding of their effects on various diseases. Metabolomics has been employed to study the in vitro...

SCM: A method to improve network service layout efficiency with network evolution

type will be considered in service chain migration for a better service quality. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Qi Zhao, Zheng Zhao. Data curation: Qi Zhao, Zheng Zhao. Formal analysis: Qi ... Zhao, Zheng Zhao. Funding acquisition: Chuanhao Zhang. Investigation: Chuanhao Zhang. Methodology: Qi Zhao, Zheng Zhao. Resources: Chuanhao Zhang, Zheng Zhao. Software: Qi Zhao. Supervision: Zheng

A decoy chain deployment method based on SDN and NFV against penetration attack

. Therefore, it is easy to arouse intruders' suspicions. Instead of the decoy chain, decoy-net, a network consists of decoy nodes, will also be explored in future work. Data curation: Qi Zhao, Chuanhao Zhang ... . Formal analysis: Chuanhao Zhang, Zheng Zhao. Investigation: Zheng Zhao. Methodology: Chuanhao Zhang, Zheng Zhao. Project administration: Chuanhao Zhang. Resources: Zheng Zhao. Software: Qi Zhao

STK39 blockage by RNA interference inhibits the proliferation and induces the apoptosis of renal cell carcinoma

STK39 blockage by RNA interference inhibits the proliferation and induces the apoptosis of renal cell carcinoma Qi Zhao,* Yanjun Zhu,* Li Liu, Hang Wang, Shuai Jiang, Xiaoyi Hu, Jianming Guo

Insights into DNA substrate selection by APOBEC3G from structural, biochemical, and functional studies

, Olga Buzovetsky, Belete A. Desimmie, Qi Zhao, Ryan C. Burdick. Funding acquisition: Vinay K. Pathak, Karen S. Anderson, Yong Xiong. Investigation: Samantha J. Ziegler, Chang Liu, Mark Landau, Olga ... Buzovetsky, Belete A. Desimmie, Qi Zhao. Project administration: Vinay K. Pathak, Karen S. Anderson, Yong Xiong. Resources: Vinay K. Pathak, Karen S. Anderson, Yong Xiong. Supervision: Vinay K. Pathak, Yong

Modeling and Simulation of Linear Two - DOF Vehicle Handling Stability

ITM Web of Conferences Modeling and Simulation Handling Stability of Linear Two - DOF Vehicle Pei-Cheng SHI 0 Qi ZHAO 0 Shan-Shan PENG 0 0 Anhui Polytechnic University, Anhui Engineering Technology

First report of Zeatylenchus pittosporum on Pittosporum crassifolium

of plants (Siddiqi 2000). Most genera and species of Anguinidae induce galls on aerial parts of plants (Siddiqi 2000). * Zeng Qi Zhao In June 2013, leaves of P. crassifolium with brown or yellow

Two Classes of Improved Quickest Spectrum Sensing Approaches in Cognitive Radio

indicate if changes were made. Qi Zhao received Ph.D in communication and information system from Beihang University, Beijing, China, in 2002. From 2002 to date, she is a vice-professor and work in Beihang

First report of Litylenchus coprosma on Coprosma robusta

Litylenchus coprosma is reported for the first time from Coprosma robusta at two locations in Wellington, New Zealand. Nematodes were isolated from the leaves with angular yellow patches limited by veins and identified as L. coprosma based on morphology and sequence analysis of the SSU and LSU regions of rDNA.

Cardiotoxicity evaluation using human embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes

Background Cardiotoxicity remains an important concern in drug discovery. Human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes (hPSC-CMs) have become an attractive platform to evaluate cardiotoxicity. However, the consistency between human embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes (hESC-CMs) and human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes (hiPSC-CMs) in prediction...

Energy efficiency of compressed spectrum sensing in wideband cognitive radio networks

In cognitive radio networks, wideband spectrum sensing (WSS) has been advocated as an effective approach to increase the spectrum access opportunity of the secondary users. On the other hand, because of the increase of sampling rate and sensing time duration cost by the analog-to-digital converter (ADC), energy saving has been a significant problem for WSS. In this paper, taking...

Better care provided to patients with tuberculosis at county designated TB hospitals (CTD) compared to non-CTDs in rural China

, Shanghai, China, are thanked for their work in data collection. Funding This study was funded by the Western Pacific TB Operational Research Grant (PI, Qi Zhao, Grant No. WP-11-STB-006210). It was also ... supported by the Key Discipline Development of Public Health of Shanghai (PI, Genming Zhao, Grant No. 12GWZX0101), and National Nature Science Foundation of China (PI, Qi Zhao, Grant No. 81202256

Mapping the landscape of metabolic goals of a cell

Genome-scale flux balance models of metabolism provide testable predictions of all metabolic rates in an organism, by assuming that the cell is optimizing a metabolic goal known as the objective function. We introduce an efficient inverse flux balance analysis (invFBA) approach, based on linear programming duality, to characterize the space of possible objective functions...

Transcriptomic and physiological analysis of common duckweed Lemna minor responses to NH 4 + toxicity

Background Plants can suffer ammonium (NH 4 + ) toxicity, particularly when NH 4 + is supplied as the sole nitrogen source. However, our knowledge about the underlying mechanisms of NH 4 + toxicity is still largely unknown. Lemna minor, a model duckweed species, can grow well in high NH 4 + environment but to some extent can also suffer toxic effects. The transcriptomic and...

Subsurface Geobody Imaging Using CMY Color Blending with Seismic Attributes

Recently, ideas of color blending have brought the enlightenment for subsurface geobody imaging in petroleum engineering. In this paper, we present this approach of CMY color blending and its application in subsurface geobody characterization by using seismic attributes data. The first step is to calculate three types of seismic attributes based on the Hilbert transform algorithm...

Asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis and retinal nerve fiber layer thickness. A community-based, observational study

Purpose To examine whether an abnormally thin retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) is associated with cerebrovascular insufficiency. Design Community-based study. Methods The Asymptomatic Polyvascular Abnormalities in Community Study included Chinese aged 40+ years and without histories of cerebrovascular incidents or coronary heart disease. Using transcranial Doppler and carotid...

The second terminations of the suboccipital muscles: An assistant pivot for the To Be Named Ligament

In the last two decades, many studies have focused on the muscles and dense connective tissues located in the suboccipital region. Our study investigated the existence of the second terminations originating from the suboccipital muscles, and the relationship between the variable types of the To Be Named Ligament (TBNL). Anatomical dissection was performed on 35 head-neck...

Frequency-specific stimulations induce reconsolidation of long-term potentiation in freely moving rats

Background When consolidated memories are retrieved, they become labile and a new protein synthesis-dependent reconsolidation process is required to restabilize these memories. So far, most studies conducted on reconsolidation rely on the analyses of animal behavior, leaving the synaptic mechanisms that underlie reconsolidation largely unclear. Here, we examined whether the...

Combination and distribution of reservoir space in complex carbonate rocks

This paper discusses the reservoir space in carbonate rocks in terms of types, combination features, distribution regularity, and controlling factors, based on core observations and tests of the North Truva Oilfield, Caspian Basin. According to the reservoir space combinations, carbonate reservoirs can be divided into four types, i.e., pore, fracture–pore, pore–cavity–fracture...

Discovery of porcine maternal factors related to nuclear reprogramming and early embryo development by proteomic analysis

Background Differentiated cell nuclei can be reprogrammed to a pluripotent state in several ways, including incubation with oocyte extracts, transfer into enucleated oocytes, and induced pluripotent stem cell technology. Nuclear transfer-mediated reprogramming has been proven to be the most efficient method. Maternal factors stored in oocytes have critical roles on nuclear...