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Intelligence Control System for Landfills Based on Wireless Sensor Network

This paper put forward an intelligence system for controlling the landfill gas in landfills to make the landfill gas (LFG) exhaust controllably and actively. The system, which is assigned by the wireless sensor network, were developed and supervised by remote applications in workshop instead of manual work. An automatic valve control depending on the sensor units embedded is...

A Community Related Influence Evaluation Model for Social Networks with a Dynamic Perspective

The nature of free information diffusion and sharing in social networks (SNs) has increasingly attracted users to gather in communities to facilitate communication, resulting in increased challenges to community influence analysis in SNs. In SNs, the ability to evaluate how a community affects other users and communities is essential for further applications. Although...

Carbon nanocomposites with high photothermal conversion efficiency

Zhang Q wrote the paper with support from Xu W and Wang X. All authors contributed to the general discussion. Conflict of interest The authors declare no conflict of interest. Qian Zhang received his

Influence of clinicopathological characteristics and comprehensive treatment models on the prognosis of small cell carcinoma of the cervix: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Conceptualization: Qian Zhang, Li Li. Data curation: Qian Zhang, Yao Xiong. Formal analysis: Qian Zhang, Yao Xiong. Methodology: Qian Zhang, Yao Xiong, Li Li. Project administration: Qian Zhang, Li Li. Resources ... : Qian Zhang, Liying Zhang. Software: Qian Zhang, Jiaxiang Ye. Supervision: Yao Xiong, Liying Zhang. Visualization: Yao Xiong, Jiaxiang Ye. Writing ± original draft: Qian Zhang, Li Li. Writing

Leucine-rich alpha-2-glycoprotein-1 is up-regulated in colorectal cancer and is a tumor promoter

Leucine-rich alpha-2-glycoprotein-1 is up-regulated in colorectal cancer and is a tumor promoter Qian Zhang,1,2 Rui Huang,1,2 Qingchao Tang,1,2 Yang Yu,1,2 Quanlong Huang,1,2 Yinggang Chen,1,2 Guiyu

Development of Simulation Program for Temperature Field of Mass Concrete Structures

Most existing temperature field calculation programs have relative defects. In the present paper, based on merits of ANSYS platform, a temperature field calculation program of mass concrete structure is developed and demonstrated. According to actual pouring progress and thermodynamic parameters, a roller-compacted concrete dam is simulated. The difference of maximum temperature...

Improvement of mechanical properties, microscopic structures, and antibacterial activity by Ag/ZnO nanocomposite powder for glaze-decorated ceramic

With the increase in the international trade of ceramics, improvement in the physical and chemical properties of ceramics has become a market demand in recent years. The addition of nanomaterials in glaze can simultaneously improve the mechanical and corrosion resistance properties of ceramics. In this study, the effect of nano-sized Ag/ZnO in glazed ceramic was investigated...

Integrated Furnace for Combustion/Gasification of Biomass Fuel for Tobacco Curing

A new system for providing heat for the flue-curing of tobacco was developed by modifying the conventional direct combustion of biomass fuel (bio-fuel) such that the energy stored in the fuels was fully utilized. The system consisted of an integrated furnace with a heat dissipation structure for combusting and gasifying bio-fuel including solid fuel as well as combusting the...

Lighting transfer across multiple views through local color transforms

. Pixelstruct , an opensource tool for visualizing 3D scenes reconstructed from photographs . 2009 . Available at davidar/pixelstruct. Qian Zhang is a research assistant at Nanyang ... Technological University, Singapore. Her research interests include image processing, computational photography, and image-based rendering. Qian Zhang has her B.S. degree in electronics and information

High-performance of sodium carboxylate-derived materials for electrochemical energy storage

Four types of sustainable sodium carboxylate-derived materials are investigated as novel electrodes with high performance for lithium-ion batteries. Benefiting from the porous morphology provided by their intermolecular interactions, increasing capacity, excellent cycle stability and superior rate performance are observed for the sodium carboxylate- derived materials. The sodium...

Correction: IFNAR2-dependent gene expression profile induced by IFN-α in Pteropus alecto bat cells and impact of IFNAR2 knockout on virus infection

affiliation missing for the first author. Qian Zhang should also be affiliated with: OPEN ACCESS dependent gene expression profile induced by IFNα in Pteropus alecto bat cells and impact of IFNAR2 knockout on

Vildagliptin increases butyrate-producing bacteria in the gut of diabetic rats

, Fan Ping, Xiaojing Wang. Funding acquisition: Qian Zhang. Methodology: Qian Zhang, Jia Zheng, Tong Wang. Validation: Qian Zhang, Jia Zheng, Tong Wang. Writing ± original draft: Qian Zhang. Writing

Surgical repair and reconstruction of aortic arch in debakey type I aortic dissection: recent advances and single-center experience in the application of branched stent graft

Aortic dissection (AD) represents a clinically uncommon aortic pathology which predicts a dismal prognosis if not promptly treated. In acute Debakey type I AD (ADIAD), aortic lesion extends from aortic root to even distal abdominal aorta among which aortic arch and its three main branches still remain a great surgical challenge for repair and reconstruction. Several decades have...

IFN-λ1 in CHO cells: its expression and biological activity

Background Many studies have investigated the characteristics and biological activities of type III interferon (IFN), finding that it has similar features to type I IFN but also unique actions because it is recognized by a different receptor. Results A full-length recombinant human IFN-λ1 (rhIFN-λ1) cDNA was cloned into the pDF expression vector and stably expressed in Flp-In-CHO...

Plasma trans-fatty acids levels and mortality: a cohort study based on 1999–2000 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)

Trans-fatty acids (TFAs) occur in small amounts in nature but became widely produced by the food industry. The hazardous effects of different TFA subtypes to human health are controversial. We aimed to evaluate the association of plasma TFAs levels (elaidic acid, vaccenic acid, palmitelaidic acid, and linoelaidic acid) with mortality. Utilizing 1999–2000 Nutrition Examination...

IFNAR2-dependent gene expression profile induced by IFN-α in Pteropus alecto bat cells and impact of IFNAR2 knockout on virus infection

Zeng. Funding acquisition: Zheng-Li Shi, Lin-Fa Wang. Investigation: Qian Zhang. Methodology: Shang Li. Project administration: Peng Zhou, Aaron T. Irving. Supervision: Zheng-Li Shi. Writing ... ± original draft: Qian Zhang. 10 / 13 Writing ± review & editing: Lei-Ping Zeng, Peng Zhou, Aaron T. Irving, Shang Li, Zheng-Li Shi, Lin-Fa Wang. 11 / 13 12 / 13 1. Smith I , Wang LF . Bats and their virome

Salivary exosomal PSMA7: a promising biomarker of inflammatory bowel disease

Chen, Qian Zhang, Yulan Liu, Peng You, Shan Sun, Jiuxiang Lin, and Ning Chen declare that they have no conflict of interest. All procedures followed were in accordance with the ethical standards of the

Leptin-adiponectin imbalance as a marker of metabolic syndrome among Chinese children and adolescents: The BCAMS study

Fu, Qian Zhang, Naishi Li. Methodology: Xinhua Xiao, Changhong Li, Jie Mi, Shan Gao, Ming Li. Project administration: Jie Mi, Ming Li. Resources: Jie Mi, Ming Li. Writing ± original draft: Ge Li