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Ovol2 induces mesenchymal–epithelial transition via targeting ZEB1 in osteosarcoma

Ovol2 induces mesenchymal-epithelial transition via targeting ZEB1 in osteosarcoma Jijun Liu,1 Qi Wu,1 Yonggui Wang,1 Yulong Wei,2 Hong Wu,3 Lijun Duan,1 Qiang Zhang,1 Yonggang Wu1 1Department of

The Pattern of Policy Change on Disaster Management in China: A Bibliometric Analysis of Policy Documents, 1949–2016

This article presents a comprehensive review of China’s policy system for the management of natural hazard-induced disasters from 1949 to 2016 through a quantitative bibliometric analysis of 5472 policy documents on such disasters. It identifies four phases of China’s evolving disaster management system, which focused on agriculture, economic development, government and...

Nonstationarities and At-site Probabilistic Forecasts of Seasonal Precipitation in the East River Basin, China

Normal University , Wuhu 241000, Anhui , China 1 & Xiuyu Zhang 2 & Qiang Zhang 3 South China Institute of Environmental Sciences , Guangzhou 510655, Guangdong , China 4 Department of Biological and

PbCrO4 yellow-pigment nanorods: An efficient and stable visible-light-active photocatalyst for O2 evolution and photodegradation

contributions Zhang GQ performed the experiments and wrote the manuscript with the guidance from Su CL and Sun X. All authors contributed to the general discussion and revision. Guo-Qiang Zhang received his

Three-dimensional printing model improves morphological understanding in acetabular fracture learning: A multicenter, randomized, controlled study

Zhang. Investigation: Yu He. Methodology: Wenhao Song, Yaoshen Zhang. Project administration: Qiang Zhang, Dongsheng Zhou, Xi Zhou, Yu He. Resources: Wenhao Song. Software: Wenhao Song, Yaoshen Zhang ... . Supervision: Qiang Zhang, Dongsheng Zhou, Xi Zhou, Yu He. Validation: Wenhao Song, Qiang Zhang. Writing ± original draft: Zhenfei Huang, Wenhao Song, Yaoshen Zhang, Xi Zhou, Yu He. Writing ± review & editing

Potential high-frequency off-target mutagenesis induced by CRISPR/Cas9 in <Emphasis Type=

; Jinek et al. 2012; Mali et al. 2013) . In plants, various CRISPR/Cas9based applications to basic research and crop breeding have been launched (Yin et al. 2017). For example, decades of Qiang Zhang and

Deformable appearance pyramids for anatomy representation, landmark detection and pathology classification

Purpose Representation of anatomy appearance is one of the key problems in medical image analysis. An appearance model represents the anatomies with parametric forms, which are then vectorised for prior learning, segmentation and classification tasks. Methods We propose a part-based parametric appearance model we refer to as a deformable appearance pyramid (DAP). The parts are...

Prevalence of fimA genotypes of Porphyromonas gingivalis in adolescent orthodontic patients

oral hygiene protocol. (DOCX) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Shuang Pan, Yi Liu, Chunling Wang, Shuiqing Xiao. Data curation: Shuang Pan, Yi Liu, Yi Si, Qiang Zhang, Lin Wang, Jianwei Liu ... , Chunling Wang, Shuiqing Xiao. Formal analysis: Shuang Pan, Yi Liu, Yi Si, Qiang Zhang, Lin Wang, Jianwei Liu, Chunling Wang, Shuiqing Xiao. Funding acquisition: Shuiqing Xiao. 8 / 11 Investigation

Transcription analysis of the responses of porcine heart to Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae

analysis: Qiang Zhang, Weifeng Zhu. 11 / 13 Investigation: Chao Kang, Qiang Zhang, Chengzhi Cai. Methodology: Chao Kang, Qiang Zhang, Weifeng Zhu, Meilin Jin. Project administration: Chao Kang, Meilin

Comprehensive damage evaluation of localized spallation of thermal barrier coatings

Thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) enable the hot section part to work at high temperatures owing to their thermal barrier effect on the base metal components. However, localized spallation in the ceramic top-coat might occur after long duration of thermal exposure or thermal cycling. To comprehensively understand the damage of the top-coat on the overall hot section part, effects...

Facility location with double-peaked preferences

[Project No. CityU 117913]. Qiang Zhang was supported by FET IP Project MULTIPEX 317532. - children on foot. There are two positions (symmetrically) in each direction and those would be the agent’s two

The Prevalence of and Risk Factors Associated with Musculoskeletal Disorders among Sonographers in Central China: A Cross-Sectional Study

Objective Studies from industrialized countries show that musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) occur commonly in sonographers. However, little is known about sonographers in China, where the awareness of ergonomics and MSD, workload, and available equipment/facilities may differ. We aimed to investigate the prevalence of MSD and associated risk factors in sonographers in central China...

Obstacle avoidance planning of space manipulator end-effector based on improved ant colony algorithm

manuscript; Dongsheng Zhou and Qiang Zhang contributed to the method, direction, writing and content and also revised the manuscript. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Acknowledgements This

Diet diversity and nutritional status among adults in southwest China

Background With rapid urbanization in the past decades, diet diversity continues to increase in China. The present cross-sectional study aims to explore the association between dietary diversity and nutritional status among adults in southwest China. Methods This study used data from 2011–2012 National Nutritional Survey in Yunnan Province, southwest China (N = 1105).Data of...

Should preventive antibiotics be used in patients with acute stroke? A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Zheng. Funding acquisition: Shengtao Yao. Investigation: Pantelis Stavrinou, Marco Timmer, Christian Dohmen, Roland Goldbrunner, Qiang Zhang, Qishan Ran, Gang Li, Ruiming Fan, Shengtao Yao, Boris ... , Fang Cao, Ruiming Fan. Supervision: Boris Krischek. Validation: Niklas von Spreckelsen, Roland Goldbrunner, Fang Cao, Qiang Zhang, Qishan Ran, Ruiming Fan, Shengtao Yao, Boris Krischek. Writing

Voice activity detection algorithm based on long-term pitch information

A new voice activity detection algorithm based on long-term pitch divergence is presented. The long-term pitch divergence not only decomposes speech signals with a bionic decomposition but also makes full use of long-term information. It is more discriminative comparing with other feature sets, such as long-term spectral divergence. Experimental results show that among six...

Targeting multiple pro-apoptotic signaling pathways with curcumin in prostate cancer cells

Curcumin, an extract from the turmeric rhizome (Curcuma longa), is known to exhibit anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, chemopreventive and antitumoral activities against aggressive and recurrent cancers. Accumulative data indicate that curcumin may induce cancer cell death. However, the detailed mechanism underlying its pro-apoptotic and anti-cancer effects remains to be elucidated...

Structure Elucidation of a Polysaccharide from Umbilicaria esculenta and Its Immunostimulatory Activity

Umbilicaria esculenta has been used as a tonic food in China for several centuries owing to its pleasant flavor and health benefits. In this study, a water soluble polysaccharide, which we designated as UP2, with an average molecular weight of 3.33 × 105 Da, was isolated from U. esculenta cultivated in the Huangshan Mountain, by consecutive hot water extraction and anion-exchange...

Total glucosides of paeony inhibits lipopolysaccharide-induced proliferation, migration and invasion in androgen insensitive prostate cancer cells

administration: De-Xin Yu, De-Xiang Xu. Resources: Wei Wei, De-Xin Yu, De-Xiang Xu. Software: Zhi-Qiang Zhang, Hao Geng. Supervision: De-Xiang Xu. Validation: Zhi-Hui Zhang, Mi-Zhen Xia, Zhi-Qiang Zhang, Hao