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Humate-assisted Synthesis of MoS2/C Nanocomposites via Co-Precipitation/Calcination Route for High Performance Lithium Ion Batteries

A facile, cost-effective, non-toxic, and surfactant-free route has been developed to synthesize MoS2/carbon (MoS2/C) nanocomposites. Potassium humate consists of a wide variety of oxygen-containing functional groups, which is considered as promising candidates for functionalization of graphene. Using potassium humate as carbon source, two-dimensional MoS2/C nanosheets with...

Integrative Analyses Identify Osteopontin, LAMB3 and ITGB1 as Critical Pro-Metastatic Genes for Lung Cancer

Objective To explore the key regulatory genes associated with lung cancer in order to reduce its occurrence and progress through silencing these key genes. Methods To identify the key regulatory genes involved in lung cancer, we performed a combination of gene array and bioinformatics analyses to compare gene transcription profiles in 3 monoclonal cell strains with high, medium...