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Rising trends in pancreatic cancer incidence and mortality in 2000–2014

Rising trends in pancreatic cancer incidence and mortality in 2000-2014 Wenrui Wu,1,2,* Xingkang He,3,4,* Liya Yang,1,2 Qing Wang,1,2 Xiaoyuan Bian,1,2 Jianzhong Ye,1,2 Yating Li,1,2 Lanjuan Li1,2

Role of Duodenogastroesophageal Reflux in the Pathogenesis of Esophageal Mucosal Injury and Gastroesophageal Reflux Symptoms

Ping Ye MSc Zhen-xing Sun MSc Qing Wang MSc Yan-jun Zeng X Xu, Z Li, D Zou, et al. Role of duodenogastroesophageal reflux in the pathogenesis of esophageal mucosal injury and gastroesophageal reflux

The relation between cigarette taxes and older adult smoking in Zhejiang and Gansu: what happened following the 2009 Chinese Tax adjustments?

Wang 0 0 School of business, Dalian University of Technology , Panjin 124221, Liaoning , China Background: In May 2009, the Chinese government raised cigarette excise tax rates and adjusted standards

Intraoperative ultrasonography in laparoscopic partial nephrectomy for intrarenal tumors

. Supervision: Shaogang Wang. Validation: Baolong Qin, Henglong Hu, Shaogang Wang. Visualization: Hongbin Gao, Qing Wang. Writing ± original draft: Baolong Qin, Shaogang Wang. 7 / 9 Writing ± review ... & editing: Baolong Qin, Henglong Hu, Yuchao Lu, Hongbin Gao, Qing Wang. 12. 8 / 9 1. Tan H , Norton EC , Ye Z , Hafez KS , Gore JL , Miller DC . Long-term survival following partial vs radical nephrectomy

Development of a new instrument for measurement of high temperature mechanical properties of resin-bonded sand

The mechanical properties of resin-bonded sand mixtures at high temperatures significantly affect the quality of casting. However, the existing instruments for high-temperature performances testing mainly focus on inorganic binder-bonded sands no matter the test items or the atmospheric protection, while the instrumentss specially designed for resin-bonded sand are not yet...

Traditional Chinese medicine for knee osteoarthritis: An overview of systematic review

. Writing ± original draft: Min Yang, Li Jiang, Qing Wang, Hao Chen, Guihua Xu. Writing ± review & editing: Min Yang, Li Jiang, Hao Chen, Guihua Xu. 14 / 16 15 / 16 1. Lawrence RC , Felson DT , Helmick CG ... . Characteristics of original RCTs. (DOC) (DOC) (DOC) S3 Table. PRISMA checklist. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Min Yang. Data curation: Min Yang, Li Jiang. Formal analysis: Min Yang, Li Jiang, Qing

Income, occupation and education: Are they related to smoking behaviors in China?

characteristics of the population. Acknowledgments We thank the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS) team for providing the data. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Qing Wang, Jay J ... . Shen, Zhiyuan Hou. Formal analysis: Qing Wang. Methodology: Qing Wang, Zhiyuan Hou. 13 / 17 Writing ± original draft: Qing Wang. Writing ± review & editing: Jay J. Shen, Michelle Sotero, Casey A. Li

Double JPEG compression forensics based on a convolutional neural network

Double JPEG compression detection has received considerable attention in blind image forensics. However, only few techniques can provide automatic localization. To address this challenge, this paper proposes a double JPEG compression detection algorithm based on a convolutional neural network (CNN). The CNN is designed to classify histograms of discrete cosine transform (DCT...

Smoking and body weight: evidence from China health and nutrition survey

Background The effects of cigarette smoking on body weight remain inconclusive. This study evaluated this relationship using the latest data from China, the largest consumer market of tobacco in the world, which is also experiencing a steady increase in patients with obesity. Methods Using data obtained from China Health and Nutrition Survey (CHNS) 1991–2011, Logit Model and Two...

One-time versus repeated abutment connection for platform-switched implant: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Han. Methodology: Quan-Li Li. Supervision: Ruoxi Dai, Chris Ying Cao, Hui Fang. Writing ± original draft: Qing-qing Wang. Writing ± review & editing: Qing-qing Wang. 15 / 18 16 / 18 17 / 18 1. Yeung

Fruit shape and reproductive self and cross compatibility for the performance of fruit set in an andromonoecious species: Xanthoceras sorbifolium Bunge

A replicated 6 × 6 complete diallel mating among six fruit shape types of Xanthoceras sorbifolium (yellowhorn), an andromonoecious plant known for its exceedingly low fruit and seed set, was conducted to investigate the species mating system. This mating design was implemented to investigate the relationship between fruit shape type and fruit yield, finding the most productive...

Design of four axis aircraft based on Android control

A four axle aircraft is designed with the open source firmware MWC is used as the flight control board. The MPU6050 gyro sensor and BMP085 pressure sensor are used to acquire the attitude data of aircraft in real time. Combining the Calman filtering and mean filtering, the attitude data is filtered and fused to obtain more accurate attitude information. In the control algorithm...

Overexpression of miR-21 in stem cells improves ovarian structure and function in rats with chemotherapy-induced ovarian damage by targeting PDCD4 and PTEN to inhibit granulosa cell apoptosis

Background Chemotherapy-induced premature ovarian failure (POF) is a severe complication affecting tumor patients at a childbearing age. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) can partially restore the ovarian structure and function damaged by chemotherapy. miR-21 is a microRNA that can regulate cell apoptosis. This study discusses the repair effect and mechanism of MSCs overexpressing...

Identification of a novel envelope protein encoded by ORF 136 from Cyprinid herpesvirus 3

Cyprinid herpesvirus 3 (CyHV-3) is the pathogenic agent of koi herpesvirus disease (KHVD) afflicting common carp and koi (Cyprinus carpio L.) populations globally. As described previously, proteomic analyses of purified CyHV-3 particles have shown that at least 46 structural proteins are incorporated into CyHV-3 virions; among these ORF136 may encode a putative envelope protein...

Involvement of c-Fos in cell proliferation, migration, and invasion in osteosarcoma cells accompanied by altered expression of Wnt2 and Fzd9

. Formal analysis: Yongxin Liu, Meng Yuan. Funding acquisition: Huancai Liu, Qing Wang, Fenghua Zhou, Yawen Zhang, Haoyu Ding, Yanchun Chen. Investigation: Qing Wang, Yawen Zhang, Haoyu Ding, Fengjie Li ... . Resources: Huancai Liu, Fenghua Zhou. Visualization: Qiaozhen Wang, Qing Wang. Writing ± original draft: Qiaozhen Wang, Huancai Liu, Yanchun Chen. Writing ± review & editing: Qiaozhen Wang, Yanchun Chen

Identification of SNPs in a nonmodel macrofungus (Lepista nuda, Basidiomycota) through RAD sequencing

Lepista nuda is a wild edible fungus that is valued for its odor and taste. Recent studies identified intraspecific morphological and genetic differences in L. nuda. Although single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are useful for revealing intraspecific differences, the traditional methods used for investigating SNPs are time consuming and expensive, and they only locate a limited...

Research on testing method of resin sand high temperature compressive strength

High temperature compressive strength is one of the most important performances of resin sand; its value directly concerns the quality of castings. In order to seek the best testing method of resin sand high temperature compressive strength, a self-developed instrument was used to carry out experiments, and the sample shape and size were designed and studied. The results show...

Decoding and calibration method on focused plenoptic camera

plenoptic camera Chunping Zhang Zhe Ji Qing Wang The ability of light gathering of plenoptic camera opens up new opportunities for a wide range of computer vision applications. An efficient and accurate

Investigations of the CLOCK and BMAL1 Proteins Binding to DNA: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study

The circadian locomotor output cycles kaput (CLOCK), and brain and muscle ARNT-like 1 (BMAL1) proteins are important transcriptional factors of the endogenous circadian clock. The CLOCK and BMAL1 proteins can regulate the transcription-translation activities of the clock-related genes through the DNA binding. The hetero-/homo-dimerization and DNA combination of the CLOCK and...