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Exploiting Multi-Category Characteristics and Unified Framework to Extract Web Content

Extracting web content is to obtain the required data embedded in web pages, usually including structured records, such as product information, and text content, such as news. Web pages use a large number of HTML tags to organize and to present various information. Both knowing little about the structures of web pages and mixing kinds of information in web pages are making the...

Using ROS as a Second Messenger, NADPH Oxidase 2 Mediates Macrophage Senescence via Interaction with NF-κB during Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infection

Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PA) is one of the most prevalent pathogens that cause nosocomial infection in critical patients. However, the mechanisms underlying macrophage growth status and functional changes during PA infection are yet unknown. In the present study, NADPH oxidase, gp91phox (NOX2) mediated macrophage to senescence in a PAO1 colony-dependent manner. gp91phox might...

Synergistic apoptotic effects of apigenin TPGS liposomes and tyroservatide: implications for effective treatment of lung cancer

Synergistic apoptotic effects of apigenin TPGS liposomes and tyroservatide: implications for effective treatment of lung cancer Xin Jin, Qing Yang, Youwen Zhang Department of Hospital Pharmacy

An adenylyl cyclase like-9 gene (NlAC9) influences growth and fecundity in the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stål) (Hemiptera: Delphacidae)

curation: LinQuan Ge, HaoTian Gu. 13 / 15 Formal analysis: LinQuan Ge, HaoTian Gu, Bo Huang, Qisheng Song, David Stanley, Fang Liu, Guo-Qing Yang. Funding acquisition: LinQuan Ge. Investigation: HaoTian

Negative magnetoresistivity in holography

Negative magnetoresistivity is a special magnetotransport property associated with chiral anomaly in four dimensional chiral anomalous systems, which refers to the transport behavior that the DC longitudinal magnetoresistivity decreases with increasing magnetic field. We calculate the longitudinal magnetoconductivity in the presence of back-reactions of the magnetic field to...

Characteristics of consecutive dry days variations in China

Consecutive dry days (CDDs) can serve as an effective measure of extreme precipitation and seasonal droughts. Using daily rain gauge data from 718 stations in China for the years 1961–2012, this paper documents the spatial and temporal characteristics of CDDs in the cold season (November to March) and the warm season (April to October). The results show that the long-term linear...

Modulation of monthly precipitation patterns over East China by the Pacific Decadal Oscillation

Previous studies suggest that the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) modulates annual and summer precipitation patterns over East China. In this study, the effect of the PDO on monthly precipitation anomalies over this region is investigated. The new results show that the effect is month-dependent. The well-known North–South dipole patterns of annual precipitation are dominated by...

Phylogeny and biogeography of the amphi-Pacific genus Aphananthe

Aphananthe is a small genus of five species showing an intriguing amphi-Pacific distribution in eastern, southern and southeastern Asia, Australia, and Mexico, also with one species in Madagascar. The phylogenetic relationships of Aphananthe were reconstructed with two nuclear (ITS & ETS) and two plastid (psbA-trnH & trnL-trnF) regions. Clade divergence times were estimated with...

Identification of odorant binding proteins and chemosensory proteins in Microplitis mediator as well as functional characterization of chemosensory protein 3

, Jing-Tao Liu, Yao Zheng, Shuang Shan, Ye-Qing Yang. Methodology: Shan-Ning Wang, Rui-Jun Li, Yong-Jun Zhang. Project administration: Yong-Jun Zhang, Yu-Yuan Guo. Resources: Yong Peng, Shan-Ning Wang ... Editing Services. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Rui-Jun Li, Yong-Jun Zhang, Yu-Yuan Guo. Data curation: Yong Peng, Shan-Ning Wang, Ke-Ming Li, Jing-Tao Liu, Yao Zheng, Shuang Shan, Ye-Qing

The prognostic factors for patients with hematological malignancies admitted to the intensive care unit

Owing to the nature of acute illness and adverse effects derived from intensive chemotherapy, patients with hematological malignancies (HM) who are admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) often present with poor prognosis. However, with advances in life-sustaining therapies and close collaborations between hematologists and intensive care specialists, the prognosis for these...

Quality Traceability System of Traditional Chinese Medicine Based on Two Dimensional Barcode Using Mobile Intelligent Technology

Currently, the chemical fingerprint comparison and analysis is mainly based on professional equipment and software, it’s expensive and inconvenient. This study aims to integrate QR (Quick Response) code with quality data and mobile intelligent technology to develop a convenient query terminal for tracing quality in the whole industrial chain of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine...

The Upwind Finite Volume Element Method for Two-Dimensional Burgers Equation

; Accepted 8 January 2013 Academic Editor: Xiaodi Li Copyright © 2013 Qing Yang. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use

Injection Effects on Sediment Transport in Closed-Conduit Flows

Experiments were conducted to investigate injection effects on sediment transport in closed-conduit flows. The results show that the sediment transport rate essentially remains unchanged when the ratio of the injection velocity and that at boiling, Vi/Vcr < 10. However, significant sediment transport rate is observed when Vi/Vcr increases beyond this limit. In the literature...

Effects of a Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase Inhibitor on Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Acute Lung Injury in Mice

Objectives Inflammation plays a key role in the pathogenesis of acute lung injury (ALI). Soluble epoxide hydrolase (sEH) is suggested as a vital pharmacologic target for inflammation. In this study, we determined whether a sEH inhibitor, AUDA, exerts lung protection in lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced ALI in mice. Methods Male BALB/c mice were randomized to receive AUDA or...

Incidence and clinical characteristics of unexpected uterine sarcoma after hysterectomy and myomectomy for uterine fibroids: a retrospective study of 10,248 cases

Incidence and clinical characteristics of unexpected uterine sarcoma after hysterectomy and myomectomy for uterine fibroids: a retrospective study of 10,248 cases Wan-Cheng Zhao,1 Fang-Fang Bi,1 Da Li,2 Qing Yang11Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2Center of Reproductive Medicine, Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University, Shenyang, People’s Republic of...

Efficiency Enhancement of Perovskite Solar Cells by Pumping Away the Solvent of Precursor Film Before Annealing

contributions from all the authors. All authors have given approval to the final version of the manuscript. Authors’ Information Qing-Yang Xu, Da-Xing Yuan, and Hao-Ran Mu are graduate students major in

p53 status correlates with the risk of progression in stage T1 bladder cancer: a meta-analysis

Background Published studies have yielded inconsistent results on the relationship between p53 status and the progression of stage T1 non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC). Therefore, we performed a meta-analysis to evaluate the prognostic value of p53 in T1 NMIBC. Methods We systematically searched for relevant literatures in MEDLINE, EMBASE, and Web of Science. Data were...

Periodic solutions to a generalized Liénard neutral functional differential system with p-Laplacian

By means of the generalized Mawhin’s continuation theorem, we present some sufficient conditions which guarantee the existence of at least one T-periodic solution for a generalized Liénard neutral functional differential system with p-Laplacian.MSC: 34B15, 34L30.