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Disentangling factors that shape the gut microbiota in German Shepherd dogs

curation: Ziad Ramadan, Qinghong Li, Jeff Labuda, Robyn Pelker, Johan Dicksved. Formal analysis: Ziad Ramadan, Qinghong Li, Julie Spears, Jeff Labuda, Robyn Pelker, Johan Dicksved. Funding acquisition ... : Arleigh Reynolds, Julie Spears. Methodology: Åsa Vilson, Ziad Ramadan, Qinghong Li, Arleigh Reynolds, Julie Spears, Jeff Labuda, Robyn Pelker, Bengt BjoÈrksteÂn, Johan Dicksved. Project administration

The effect of replication on gene expression microarray experiments

Motivation: We examine the effect of replication on the detection of apparently differentially expressed genes in gene expression microarray experiments. Our analysis is based on a random sampling approach using real data sets from 16 published studies. We consider both the ability to find genes that meet particular statistical criteria as well as the stability of the results in...