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Association of NLRP3 polymorphisms with susceptibility to primary gouty arthritis in a Chinese Han population

; Polymorphism - Quan-Bo Zhang and Yu-Feng Qing contributed equally to this work. Introduction Gout arthritis (GA) is one of the most common forms of autoinflammatory arthritis among men and is characterized ... Dr. Yan Cai for helpful discussion and kindly technical support. Author contributions Designed the experiments: Quan-Bo Zhang, Yu-Feng Qing, and Jing-Guo Zhou. Performed the experiments: YuFeng Qing

Association of TLR4 Gene rs2149356 Polymorphism with Primary Gouty Arthritis in a Case-Control Study

Background The toll-like receptor (TLR)4-interleukin1β (IL1β) signaling pathway is involved in the monosodium urate (MSU)-mediated inflammation. The aim of this present study was to determine whether the TLR4 gene rs2149356 SNP is associated with gouty arthritis (GA) susceptibility and whether rs2149356 SNP impacts the TLR4-IL1β signaling pathway molecules expression. Methods and...