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β1 integrins mediate the BMP2 dependent transcriptional control of osteoblast differentiation and osteogenesis

, Daniel Bouvard. Formal analysis: Molly Brunner, Thierry Gautier, Marc R. Block, Daniel Bouvard. Funding acquisition: Daniel Bouvard. Investigation: Molly Brunner, NoeÂmie Mandier, Genevieve Chevalier ... , Philippe Guardiola, Marc R. Block, Daniel Bouvard. Methodology: Daniel Bouvard. Project administration: Daniel Bouvard. Resources: Anne-Sophie Ribba, Daniel Bouvard. Supervision: Daniel Bouvard

Targeting Integrin-Dependent Adhesion and Signaling with 3-Arylquinoline and 3-Aryl-2-Quinolone Derivatives: A new Class of Integrin Antagonists

We previously reported the anti-migratory function of 3-aryl-2-quinolone derivatives, chemically close to flavonoids (Joseph et al., 2002). Herein we show that 3-arylquinoline or 3-aryl-2-quinolone derivatives disrupt cell adhesion in a dose dependent and reversible manner yet antagonized by artificial integrin activation such as manganese. Relying on this anti-adhesive activity...