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β1 integrins mediate the BMP2 dependent transcriptional control of osteoblast differentiation and osteogenesis

, Daniel Bouvard. Formal analysis: Molly Brunner, Thierry Gautier, Marc R. Block, Daniel Bouvard. Funding acquisition: Daniel Bouvard. Investigation: Molly Brunner, NoeÂmie Mandier, Genevieve Chevalier ... , Philippe Guardiola, Marc R. Block, Daniel Bouvard. Methodology: Daniel Bouvard. Project administration: Daniel Bouvard. Resources: Anne-Sophie Ribba, Daniel Bouvard. Supervision: Daniel Bouvard

Ureaplasma urealyticum Causes Hyperammonemia in an Experimental Immunocompromised Murine Model

Hyperammonemia syndrome is an often fatal complication of lung transplantation which has been recently associated with Ureaplasma infection. It has not been definitely established that Ureaplasma species can cause hyperammonemia. We established a novel immunocompromised murine model of Ureaplasma urealyticum infection and used it to confirm that U. urealyticum can cause...

Targeting Integrin-Dependent Adhesion and Signaling with 3-Arylquinoline and 3-Aryl-2-Quinolone Derivatives: A new Class of Integrin Antagonists

We previously reported the anti-migratory function of 3-aryl-2-quinolone derivatives, chemically close to flavonoids (Joseph et al., 2002). Herein we show that 3-arylquinoline or 3-aryl-2-quinolone derivatives disrupt cell adhesion in a dose dependent and reversible manner yet antagonized by artificial integrin activation such as manganese. Relying on this anti-adhesive activity...