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Diminished neural network dynamics after moderate and severe traumatic brain injury

, 16801, USA. Conceptualization: Nicholas Gilbert, Rachel A. Bernier, Frank G. Hillary. Formal analysis: Nicholas Gilbert, Sarah M. Rajtmajer, Frank G. Hillary. Funding acquisition: Frank G. Hillary ... . Investigation: Frank G. Hillary. Methodology: Nicholas Gilbert, Rachel A. Bernier, Einat Brenner, Emily Grossner, Sarah M. Rajtmajer. Project administration: Frank G. Hillary. Software: Vincent D. Calhoun

The evolution of cost-efficiency in neural networks during recovery from traumatic brain injury

A somewhat perplexing finding in the systems neuroscience has been the observation that physical injury to neural systems may result in enhanced functional connectivity (i.e., hyperconnectivity) relative to the typical network response. The consequences of local or global enhancement of functional connectivity remain uncertain and this is particularly true for the overall...