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Monitoring of the daily living activities in smart home care

One of the key requirements for technological systems that are used to secure independent housing for seniors in their home environment is monitoring of daily living activities (ADL), their classification, and recognition of routine daily patterns and habits of seniors in Smart Home Care (SHC). To monitor daily living activities, the use of a temperature, CO2, humidity sensors...

Development and testing of a visualization application software, implemented with wireless control system in smart home care

Jan Vanus Pavel Kucera Radek Martinek Jiri Koziorek This article describes the development of a visualization application software used to control operational and technical functions in the Smart

Testing of the voice communication in smart home care

This article is aimed to describe the method of testing the implementation of voice control over operating and technical functions of Smart Home Come. Custom control over operating and technical functions was implemented into a model of Smart Home that was equipped with KNX technology. A sociological survey focused on the needs of seniors has been carried out to justify the...